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Ingram Micro: where culture thrives.

Sebastian Hernandez Guarnizo Lean Specialist, Process Ingram Micro Colombia


At Ingram Micro, we don’t just talk about culture; we live it. Our unique workplace atmosphere sets us apart.  

A decade ago, Sebastian Hernandez, our Lean Specialist from Colombia, joined Ingram Micro as a Logistic Analyst. His primary responsibilities included managing warehouse operations, handling shipments, and inventory management. As the Operations in Colombia grew, a new opportunity arose “A position opened in Customer Service, and I was eager to take on the challenge. I had the chance to train a new team of 25 people in Chile. Later, I transitioned to the Purchasing Department. As a Coordinator, I managed relationships with specific brands, ensuring prompt procurement and efficient supply chains”.  

As Sebastian’s career progressed, new opportunities presented themselves. Encouraged by his manager, he ventured into project management. The transition of our warehouse to a larger facility was a pivotal moment. The team’s commitment ensured that the dispatch efficiency was nearly 100% on the first day.  

At Ingram Micro, our dedication to excellence knows no boundaries. Sebastian shared, “Our monthly Best Practices sessions bring together teams from across the Americas, including the United States. These hour-long sessions are more than just meetings –they're platforms for sharing knowledge where each country showcases its latest successful practices. It’s a dynamic exchange where we learn from each other”.  

When asked about the culture at Ingram Micro, Sebastian described it as ‘Chevere’, a Colombian term that embodies coolness, positivity, and vibrancy. “Our culture reflects this spirit. It’s not something you find in every company. I would define our culture by three pillars: responsibility, respect, and inclusion. We empower team members to take ownership and make decisions that contribute to our success. Mutual respect is crucial; everyone’s voice is heard, regardless of their position. We value diverse perspectives. At Ingram Micro, we’re not just associates, we’re part of a global community. Our opinions matter, and open dialogue is always encouraged”. 

Ingram Micro’s culture is about more than just technology; it’s about people. It’s about recognizing talent, nurturing individuals, and celebrating accomplishments.

You’ll build relationships, learn new languages, and immerse yourself in diverse cultures. It’s a rewarding experience that broadens your horizons.