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Branch Manager

This job posting is no longer active.

Bengaluru, KA, Indien
Job-ID: 57790




Branch Manager is responsible for the overall Branch Sales Performance of all Product Divisions of the Company ( CC, AS, Cloud, Ent Mobility – Both INR and USD Businesses ) . This position is responsible for driving the Overall Goals and Objectives of the Branch through a team of Partner Account Managers.


Key Deliverables


This position is responsible to ensure that :


  1. Business with maximum AM managed partners in the Geo assigned.
  2. Good Wallet shares in all the AM managed partners
  3. Revenue Targets of the branch are achieved every month, quarter, and year
  4. Annual Growth Objectives of all divisions are met during the year
  5. All Developmental objectives set for the branch are achieved
  6. Partners consider as the most preferred National distributor in the Geo managed
  7. Stock Planning is done timely for SNS Businesses & stock fill rates are maintained in the branch
  8. Partner sales team mapping is done by AMs and funnels are mapped and maintained for BTB Businesses, with maximum orders logged in our favour.
  9. All Partner Orders are timely loaded, billed and delivered
  10. All Partner issues are taken up inside the organization and sorted out in a timely manner
  11. Collection of payments are done for the sales done, with minimum delays and bad debts.
  12. Balance Confirmations are done with partners on a regular basis
  13. Vendor Engagement is carried out on a regular basis and we get maximum mindshare from them and which in turn should lead to maximum market shares.
  14. A disciplined and energetic sales team and a competitive environment is created in branch and maintained.
  15. Ensuring all the ethical and legal compliances are adhered to by all the branch associates.

Key Job Functions

  1. Makes teams sell aggressively in market so as to achieve the Revenue Targets for the Branch for products of CC, AS, Cloud, and Enterprise Mobility ).
  2. Establish and communicate branch goals to the team through monthly/weekly/daily meetings.
  3. Ensures that the partner accounts are well mapped and assigned to AM’s based on their Business potential and also taking into account our productivity norms.
  4. Ensures that the Target break-up (TAS) is given to the team at the beginning of the quarter.
  5. Ensures leading market share across all product categories and works out a detailed ramp-up plan for those product categories which needs market share improvement.
  6. Ensures that the CSO stocks are billed as and when they reach the desired location. Periodic reviews on CSO stocks to be done with the team.
  7. Should be in high-touch with all the AM managed Partners of the Branch and should have structured Business review meetings with them atleast once a quarter
  8. Should support the team by interacting with the cross functional teams of Ingram Micro (Product, Credit, Finance, Operations, Buying, etc.) as and when required, and help the AMs in getting necessary internal approvals for any large projects / deals provided there is merit in the case.
  9. Through management decisions, communication and behavior, creates a culture and a team that works together to meet customer needs and achieve desired results
  10. Promote an environment of empowerment, respect, and trust while holding team members accountable for their actions
  11. Periodically evaluates the performance of branch personnel, develop goals and objectives. Provide both formal and informal feedback on a regular basis.
  12. Identify skill requirements of the team members and nominate them for any internal trainings / workshops as per Business needs.
  13. Directs AR activities for branch. Ensures collection calls are made and outstanding AR is collected in a timely manner.
  14. Should map the entire vendor hierarchy and build one-on-one relationship with the vendor team.


B.E / B.Sc/Bcom.   MBA would  be preferred.




Min. 10 to 15 Years of Sales experience of which atleast 5 – 7 years in a managerial position, with people management roles, preferably from the IT distribution industry.



Ingram Micro


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