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Supervisor, Infrastructure (Wintel Operations)

This job posting is no longer active.

Taguig City, Philippines
Job ID: 38254




Job Description Template



Section 1:  Identifying Information


Position Title: 

Supervisor, Infrastructure

Job code:




Date Prepared:

Oct 2019

Reports to:


Prepared by:

Ruel Bristol


Global Information Systems (GIS)

Business line:

All Lines of Business

Positions reporting to this position

Individual Contributors

Target team size:







Section 2:  Position Summary


This role is intended for Graduates of IT courses whose scholastic training and experience may have involved any one of the primary scopes of the various teams in the Manila IS organization including but not limited to, I.T. Infrastructure Operations and Engineering (Microsoft Technologies, Linux/UNIX, Storage, Data Protection, Virtualization/Cloud). This role is for I.T. Supervisors and Team Leads



Section 3:  Responsibilities, Supporting Actions & End-Results


Guidelines: List the essential responsibilities, functions and/or activities, provide the supporting actions to describe how the work will be accomplished and provide the desired end results. List the responsibilities in order of importance and the estimated percentage of time for the responsibility (no one responsibility should be greater than 60% of time or less than 10%).  The most important responsibility is not necessarily the one where the most amount of time is spent.             



Major Responsibility:Service Request Management


Supporting Actions:

  • Evaluate if request is properly assigned to group.  Inform requester if inappropriately assigned.
  • Own medium to complex requests.
  • Distribute open requests to junior members
  • Determine task requirement / review existing runbooks/procedures. Initiate triage with other groups and other senior resources on complex request.
  • Provide guidance to junior resources
  • Review the emails/ related documentation for the request.
  • Accept the request.
  • Check for completeness of information provided. Request additional information from requester as needed
  • Deliver the task based on the specific functional requirement/s. Implement using standard procedures/runbooks.
  • Secure confirmation from the requestor. Send any relevant details needed to confirm completion.



End Results:

  • Closed medium to moderately complex Service Request
  • Analyze, Own, Fulfill and Close the Service Request within SLA and Quality expected             


Percentage:     10%



Major Responsibility:Incident Management


Supporting Actions:

  • Evaluate severity level of the incident.
  • Distribute and assign incidents as needed. Drive movement of queue across the team
  • Identify the potential problem that need resolution. 
  • Initiate triage as needed
  • Provide guidance to junior resources.
  • Confirm group assignment is appropriate based on initial diagnosis. Consult and seek assistance with senior resources as needed. Reassign to appropriate group once validated and update incident journal.
  • Initiate coordination/escalation to senior resources for complex issues.
  • Perform troubleshooting based on standard procedures and runbooks.
  • Take ownership of the ticket and update incident journal with findings from troubleshooting.
  • Raise service request on issues that require vendor support.
  • Collaborate with other support teams for investigation
  • Implement the identified break/fix procedure. Inform the incident stakeholder.
  • Document the steps taken to resolve in the incident journal.
  • Ensure resolution is provided within SLA.
  • Implement resolution provided by vendor for medium to complex cases.
  • Participate in High Severity and Critical Incident bridge calls. Report to Manager


End Results:Incident Resolution / SLA - 95%


Percentage:     10%



Major Responsibility:Change Management


Supporting Actions:

  • Check details of assigned change/task. Assess and validate requirement.
  • Raise internal changes (routine to minor classification)
  • Review related emails/documentations for the tasks/change.
  • Validate steps and ensure comfortability with the steps as indicated in the implementation plan. 
  • Provide steps for internal team changes.
  • Perform risk analysis for medium to complex changes.
  • Validate or provide estimate to ensure that implementation window given is sufficient to complete the task. 
  • Estimate the effort (hours) and resources (headcount) required for moderately complex changes
  • Validate /ensure/familiarize blackout steps (if applicable).
  • Provide consultation in providing rollback options/steps to junior resources and change requestors for low to medium complex only.
  • Identify required revisions and communicate with stakeholders
  • Accept the task/change and confirm with stakeholders.
  • Secure/ gather/ follow up, if necessary, the necessary approval to implement the change
  • Implement the tasks as indicated in the technical implementation plan.
  • Update task/change status based on the result of implementation.
  • Securing confirmation from the requestor/ Sending of details of completed tasks


End Results:Medium to moderate Complexity

90% Change Success Rate


Percentage:     10%



Major Responsibility:Event / Alert Management


Supporting Actions:

  • Implement monitoring configuration for moderately-critical alerts. Apply required monitoring changes as result of changes, migration, project implementation.
  • Communicate with other stakeholders such as IOC the changes made.
  • Ensure visibility across the Global team
  • Monitor email generated events/monitors.
  • Assign low to medium complexity to junior resources
  • Prioritize alerts based on threshold levels, severity of warnings
  • Own high complexity and vendor escalated alerts and drive them to resolution
  • Interpret alerts/events generated from the monitoring tools.
  • Evaluate alerts that require escalation to vendor.
  • Perform standard troubleshooting steps for each alert.
  • Communicate incident related alerts / events to applications/IOC/business users.
  • Communicate vendor resolution to team providing details on the issue.
  • Facilitate inclusion in HO when needed.
  • Implement routine/scripts/vendor supplied fixes to resolve alerts
  • Perform routine fixes as requested by apps/business users
  • Raise corresponding request/changes to appropriate groups as triggered by the alert


End Results:% Event/Alert to Incident Prevention


Percentage:     5%



Major Responsibility:Administrative Tasks

Supporting Actions:

  • Accept handover details from previous shift.
  • Ensure continuity of efforts on critical alerts, incidents, request, changes. Facilitate continuous resourcing for all ongoing items.
  • Participate in Production Handover
  • Consolidate all information on incidents, requests, changes, alerts encountered during shift and handover details to next shift to ensure continuous monitoring and resourcing.
  • Create/modifies KT documents and publish.
  • Facilitate training, provide guidance to junior resources on team processes on request, incident and change handling.
  • Ensure that standard practices are followed
  • Provide periodic reports (Capacity report, etc.). Review reports and provide assessment as basis for next action, recommendation.
  • Take ownership of medium complexity reporting requirements
  • Lead Weekly Operations Meeting. Track / Action / Follow Up pending items assigned to team members.
  • Provide Weekly accomplishment summary on assigned discipline

End Results:Compliance, Accuracy, Timeliness 


Percentage:     10%



Major Responsibility:Service Improvement

Supporting Actions:

  • Create/Update procedures on low to medium complexity routine tasks related to REQ fulfillment, minor changes. Create new documentation when needed and endorse to Senior resources for review.
  • Create/update related   documentation on incident management
  • Authors team processes and documents
  • Capture details of potentially recurring incidents
  • Conduct periodic incident/alert trend analysis
  • Conduct deep investigation, raise with vendor when required, seek advice from Senior resources for resolution.
  • Raise request/change to implement resolution or endorse to appropriate support / applications group for resolution.
  • Drives root cause analysis to identify solution and determine next steps.
  • Ensure proactive RFCs both proactive and reactive RFCs are raised, and ensure PBIs are closed within grace period
  • Represent the team on PBI meetings and post incident reviews.
  • Own PBI records assigned to the team.
  • Drive and own performance tuning initiatives
  • Provide tuning support to application team
  • Provide guidance to junior resources.
  • Distribute minor performance initiative to junior resources.
  • Identify tuning opportunities and lead engagement with other infrastructure and application support teams
  • Finds ways to improve efficiency of team
  • Drive automation initiatives. Assign to capable senior resources. Update script library, automation SharePoint
  • Participate review of KPIs.
  • Lead team to mitigate service gaps to meet KPI numbers
  • Consolidate periodic capacity planning. Submit recommendations based on interpretation on the consumption, reports from tools and alerts



End Results:Quantity & Quality / Contribution


Percentage:     20%




Major Responsibility:Project Work


Supporting Actions:

  • Take ownership of projects. Ensure tasks are completed within or ahead of specified timelines. Engages more Senior Engineers on planning and task distribution.
  • Attends periodic project meetings
  • Provide recovery steps for the server/OS space.
  • Represent the team and carry out the recovery steps during DR testing
  • Document the steps made for reuse.
  • Conduct briefing to the team.
  • Able to effectively estimate schedules
  • Able to forecast projects / implementation

End ResultsTimeline and Quality


Percentage:     20%



Major Responsibility:People Management


Supporting Actions:

  • Takes personal responsibility for fulfilling own commitments and the commitments of the team.
  • Strives for excellence in personal performance and coaches’ others to perform at their best.
  • Seeks and/or provides challenging assignments as learning opportunities.
  • Questions and challenges the status-quo on diversity. Takes innovative approaches to build, support and maintain a diverse workforce.
  • Builds rapport and ensures others are informed. Works to resolve obstacles outside of the team’s direct influence.
  • Thinks laterally (“outside the box”) to identify new solutions.
  • Adapts methodology and ideas quickly for immediate or anticipated changes in the environment.
  • Listens and influences others to generate enthusiasm and commitment to the organization’s vision, values, mission and strategic direction.
  • Develops and implements strategies to reach branch/program/ministry goals to advance organizational priorities.
  • Assesses needs of work unit(s) or team(s) and ensures the development of group or team plans.
  • Seeks input and sees things from others’ perspectives. Anticipates and prepares for responses or reactions of others with sensitivity and directness.
  • Customizes and adapts communication and discussion to appeal to the specific interest, need and level of the audience.


End ResultsTimeline and Quality


Percentage:     25%






Section 4:  Decision Making Authority Level


Guidelines: Describe the authority held by the position by listing the main decisions that the position is free to make and explain the decisions that depend on the position’s advice.


Decisions free to make:

                                                                 Makes recommendations to change internal processes

                                                                 Develop and implement Management/Executive approved strategies and plans





Explain the decisions that depend on position’s advice:






Example decisions that depend on position’s advice:




Section 5:  Scope/Dimensions


Guidelines: List the main quantitative measures that define the size and scope of the position (headcount, budget, profit dollar target).             








Section 6:  Job Qualifications and Educational Requirement



                                                                 A Bachelors degree with an IT emphasis is required. 

                                                                 >10 years IT experience is required. 

                                                                 Detail oriented, able to work effectively under deadlines in changing environment and perform multiple tasks effectively and concurrently.

                                                                 Able to work independently and with a collaborative team oriented environment using sound judgment in decision making.

                                                                 Expert knowledge of I.T. technologies and virtualization concepts and design principles.

                                                                 Extensive experience with performance analysis, tuning and optimizing.

                                                                 Understanding of operational challenges and dependencies as they relate to infrastructure decisions.

                                                                 Sensitivity to security best practices as related to infrastructure and application architectures

                                                                 Demonstrated competency in supporting of global systems.

                                                                 Very strong communication skills both written and verbal with strong technical, analytical, and problem solving skills.

                                                                 Ability to create presentations in Microsoft Power Point Ability to extract, transform, and pivot large amounts of data using Microsoft Excel Experience creating multi-page reports, operating procedures, and other documentation using Microsoft Word.

Foundational Competencies:

  • Drives Results
    • Sets aggressive goals and has highest standards
    • Is consistently one of the top performers
    • Pursues everything with energy and drive, the need to finish
    • Persists in the face of challenges and setbacks
    • Always keeps the end in sight, puts in extra effort to meet deadlines


  • Decision Quality
    • Makes sound decisions, even in the absence of complete information
    • Relies on a mixture of analysis, wisdom, experience, and judgment when making decisions
    • Considers all relevant factors and uses appropriate decision-making criteria and principles
    • Recognizes when a quick 80% solution will suffice


  • Communicates Effectively
    • Is effective in a variety of communication settings, 1:1, small, large groups, or among diverse styles and position levels.
    • Attentively listens
    • Adjusts to fit the audience and the message
    • Provides timely and helpful information to others across the organization
    • Encourages the open expression of diverse ideas and opinions


  • Manages Complexity
    • readily distinguishes between what's relevant and what's unimportant to make sense of complex situations
    • Looks beyond the obvious and does not stop at the first answers
    • Analyzes multiple and diverse sources of information to define problems accurately before moving to solutions


Section 7:  IM Competencies


  • Develops Talent
    • Places a high priority on developing others
    • develops others through coaching, feedback, exposure, stretch assignments
    • Aligns employee career development goals with organizational objectives
    • Encourages people to accept development moves


  • Situational Adaptability
    • Picks up on situational cues and adjusts in the moment
    • Readily adapts personal, interpersonal, and leadership behavior
    • Understands that different situations may call for different approaches
    • Can act differently depending on the circumstances


  • Ensures Accountability
    • Follows through on commitments and makes sure others do the same
    • Acts with a clear sense of ownership
    • Takes personal responsibility for decisions, actions, and failures
    • Establishes clear responsibilities and processes for monitoring work and measuring results
    • Designs feedback loops into work


  • Being Resilient
    • Adequate emotional control
    • Shows temper only with provocation
    • Reasonably calm under criticism
    • Some ability to manage conflict
    • Occasionally defensive





Section 8:  Other Information

Guidelines: Indicate any information that would be helpful in understanding the nature, scope or purpose of the position, or any unusual or hazardous conditions associated with performing the position.                                                                                     







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