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Associate Professional, Service Quality Assurance for US Accounts Payable

This job posting is no longer active.

Taguig City, Philippines
Job ID: 38911


Associate Professional, Service Quality Assurance

For US Accounts Payable


Ingram Micro Position Title: 

Associate Professional, Service Quality Assurance

Reports to:

Supervisor, Service Quality Assurance


Service Delivery Excellence




Position Summary


The Service Quality Associate Professional supports at least a single process and works closely with Performance Readiness Training, Operations and the site team leaders to monitor set Service Quality performance standards and is responsible for the following:

  • Initial validation of reported incidents, escalations and errors received from internal/external customers of the process responsible for.
  • Creation and documentation of process performance audits conducted over identified opportunities areas in production.
  • Service Quality reporting of emerging trends, performance gap analyses and quick-win recommendations to Operations.
  • Assist the Business Process Improvement team specialists in their process-relevant studies and projects by providing Service Quality data as necessary by request.
  • Collaborate with the rest of the Service Delivery Excellence Team, other support groups, and Operations teams to provide relevant quality input gathered from all auditing activities conducted in the targeted areas of production to become instrumental in day-to-day simple solutions building.




  • Meeting Quality Audit Targets – daily, weekly and monthly
  • Make Process Improvement suggestions for the Team/Process supported
  • Feedback Validation and Management
  • Calibration and Analytics


Responsibilities, Supporting Actions & End-Results



  • Conduct initial qualification, investigation and validation of all incidents reported and received by management from its process customers (internal/external).
  • Provide immediate feedback and recommendations to Operations on how to still possibly course-correct errors caught within timely internal auditing activities prior to impacting the processes’ customers and the company’s revenue, when applicable.
  • Provide quick recommendations of permissible solutions to Operations on how to manage encountered customer complaints and situations of impending revenue leakage to minimize the company’s exposure.
  • Participate in planning Service Quality audit and feedback strategies to effectively improve target production groups’ actual performance in Operations
  • Perform assessment of associate performance and/or execution of Ingram Micro standard process procedures through transaction monitoring, review and evaluation to ensure training-prescribed best practices are consistently followed in production.
  • Provide affected associates documented feedback and practical assistance regarding observed process knowledge gaps and procedural compliance opportunities for improvement
  • Provide statistical reporting over the teams’ quality performance through representation of actual internal and external customer (in-country partner) feedback, combined with internal error detection mechanisms implemented by means of targeted process audits.
  • Identify emerging trends and analysis of team and process opportunity areas leading to improved customer experience.


End Results: Completed monthly audit according to sample size per process/analytics and CAPA

Percentage: 60%




  • Collate and document real-time procedural updates provided by Ingram Micro regional counterparts for process documentation up-keep to assist the trainers and reinforce quality awareness of possible minor workflow modifications in Operations through small group feedback sessions conducted, as necessary.
  • Provide value-adding feedback and input to Operations management, regarding observed traction of the front-line teams’ compliance to company prescribed performance management standards; synthesizing this data set with process audit results to come up with the program’s predictive level of Service Quality.
  • Facilitate periodic calibration sessions with Operations to ensure consistency of process guidelines interpretation, performance assessments and overall quality appraisal.
  • Attend team meetings, as cyclically scheduled, to keep abreast of latest developments within the team and the organization, provide departmental updates and to receive overall direction over the holistic goals and initiatives of the site SDE support tower.
  • Participate in synergy meetings with Operations and other various cross-functional departments on site, as necessary, to represent the team’s stake in matters concerning overall needs/gap analysis and/or process improvement.


End Results Calibration Sessions and Escalation Management

Percentage: 30%




  • May be tapped to aid during NHT (New-Hire Training) for Service Quality guideline rollouts and Nesting, based on monitoring, briefing and debriefing requirements for recently on-boarded associates.


End Results: Quality Talk and Overview

Percentage: 10%




Decision Making Authority Level


Decisions free to make:

  • Feedback Delivery
  • Managing deliverables to meet goals
  • Audit guidelines


Explain the decisions that depend on position’s advice:

  • Through audit results, Service Quality Associate Professional can assess the health of the Team od Process on Quality.
  • Service Quality Associate Professional can recommend action plans such as corrective and preventive


Example decisions that depend on position’s advice:

  • Process Improvement Plans
  • Audit Guidelines and Sampling
  • Post Mortem Analysis – did the project succeed?
    • Through Audits
    • Through Feedback and Validation



Job Qualifications and Educational Requirement



  • ICO Application Signed off by Immediate Manager and Department Head
  • Meeting ICO Standard Qualifications (Tenure in current role, PPD, No outstanding disciplinary actions).
  • Attended Emerging Leaders Program
  • Technical Skill Proficiency will be assessed and determined upon assessment with the SDE team.


Foundational Competencies

  • Drives Results
  • Self-directing to get results
  • High level of past achievement
  • High task orientation
  • Willing to sacrifice to get results
  • Persists in accomplishing the objectives despite obstacles and setbacks
  • Has a track record of exceeding goals successfully


  • Decision Quality
  • Makes sound decisions, even in the absence of complete information
  • Relies on a mixture of analysis, wisdom, experience, and judgment when making decisions


  • Communicates Effectively
  • Is effective in a variety of communication settings, 1:1, small, large groups, or among diverse styles and position levels.
  • Attentively listens
  • Provides timely and helpful information to others across the organization


  • Manages Complexity
  • Asks the right questions to accurately analyze situations
  • Acquires data from multiple and diverse sources when solving problems
  • Evaluates pros and cons, risks and benefits of different solution options


Section 7:  IM Competencies


Differentiating Competencies

  • Self-Development
  • Generally aware of new trends in field
  • Sometimes learns new concepts
  • Sometimes aware of personal weaknesses
  • Generallysets self-development goals 


  • Interpersonal Savvy
  • Relates comfortably with people across levels, functions and culture
  • Acts with diplomacy and tact
  • Builds rapport in an open, friendly and accepting way
  • Builds constructive relationships with people both similar and different to self
  • Some recognition of job conflict
  • May suggest solutions to conflicts
  • Some tolerance of difficult people


  • Instills Trust
  • Follows through on commitments
  • Is Seen as direct and truthful
  • keeps confidences
  • Practices what he/ she preaches
  • Shows consistency between words and actions


  • Being Resilient
  • Adequate emotional control
  • Shows temper only with provocation
  • Reasonably calm under criticism
  • Some ability to manage conflict
  • Occasionally defensive


Section 8:  Other Information


  • It is critical that the Service Quality Associate Professional takes a proactive approach in keeping up to date with the ever-changing Ingram Micro landscape to ensure that the tasks are at par with Global goals.
  • It is critical the SQ is fully aware of the Process changes, updates and challenges of the Team supported. With this, the desired Quality goals are kept at a high standard through Quality control, assurance and improvement activities.
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