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Sr. Engineer, Software Development (RPA Developer)

This job posting is no longer active.

Taguig, Philippines
Job ID: 40612




Job Description Template



Section 1:  Identifying Information


Position Title: 

Senior Engineer, Software Development



Date Prepared:


Reports to:

Manager, Software Development

Prepared by:

Mike Huang/Argin Lerit


Digitalization & Applications Management

Business line:  

All lines of business

Positions reporting to this position


Target team size:








Section 2:  Position Summary


This role is primarily responsible for developing software for the Global Business Services centers using the prescribed programming language / platform by the team. The role entails maintaining existing codebase, interpreting technical requirements and designing optimized solutions. The role is expected to be self-sufficient with minimal supervision required and capable of handling intermediate to complex projects. Intermediate to advanced leadership skills are useful for this role.


Section 3:  Responsibilities, Supporting Actions & End-Results


Guidelines: List the essential responsibilities, functions and/or activities, provide the supporting actions to describe how the work will be accomplished and provide the desired end results. List the responsibilities in order of importance and the estimated percentage of time for the responsibility (no one responsibility should be greater than 60% of time or less than 10%).  The most important responsibility is not necessarily the one where the most amount of time is spent. 



Major Responsibility:      Application development


Supporting Actions:      Develop the codebase based on requirements. Setup secure connections to databases as necessary. Comply to code standards and module requirements. Interpret technical requirements. Recommend algorithms to solve problem statements. Provide development timeline assessment. Research the unknowns in the project. Assist in deployment activities.


End Results:                   Developmental tasks assigned completed on agreed timelines without compromising the quality of work.


Percentage:                    50%



Major Responsibility:      Perform tests


Supporting Actions:      Administer unit tests and assist in performing UAT with the business. Address the feedback and/or bugs found during the testing period.


End Results:                   Error-free software upon launching to production.


Percentage:                    10­­­%



Major Responsibility:      Project documentation and correspondence


Supporting Actions:      Produce technical design as required. Write user manuals when necessary. Manage meetings with stakeholders. Provide timely updates on different phases of the project. Communicate to the business timely updates on the project/request. Present to the team project updates and share best practices.


End Results:                   Task assigned completed on agreed timelines without compromising the quality of work.


Percentage:                    10%­­­



Major Responsibility:      Software maintenance


Supporting Actions:      Resolve issues and bug reports raised by the end-users within the stipulated timeline. Enhance applications based on new requirements. Provide development timeline assessment.


End Results:                   Error-free and enhanced applications based on specifications.


Percentage:                    10%



Major Responsibility:      Database development


Supporting Actions:      Write intermediate SQL. Optimize tables by using industry-standard techniques (indexing, normalization, etc.). Design simple to complex stored procedures. Manage the database permissions (assign schema and database roles)


End Results:                   Well-designed and well-maintained schemas and database tables.


Percentage:                    10%



Major Responsibility:      System management


Supporting Actions:      Monitor ETL processes. Recommend strategy to optimize existing processes. Execute tactical decisions to ensure 100% process up-time. Administer the configuration of existing processes.


End Results:                   Optimal process design and efficient system performance


Percentage:                    10%


Section 4:  Decision Making Authority Level


Guidelines: Describe the authority held by the position by listing the main decisions that the position is free to make and explain the decisions that depend on the position’s advice.


Decisions free to make:

  • Schedule of code commits
  • Function-level code algorithm
  • Optimal solution to debug issues
  • Framework-level solution design
  • Tactical action plans to ensure lights-on processes are online


Explain the decisions that depend on position’s advice:

  • Project timelines


Section 5:  Scope/Dimensions


Guidelines: List the main quantitative measures that define the size and scope of the position (headcount, budget, profit dollar target).                                                                                                                                                                                   


  • The role is expected to support the Global Business Services (includes centers outside of their geographic location)
  • The role is expected to produce reliable results within the usual 4-week development period (except when there’s unusual factors involved)


Section 6:  Job Qualifications and Educational Requirement 

  • 2-4 years graduate of IT or any related course preferred
  • > 5 years functional experience
  • > 3 years of specific experience
  • Advanced skill in team's required programming language / platform (VB / UiPath)
  • Advanced skill in database design
  • Advanced skill in SQL
  • Familiarity with software development lifecycle
  • Familiarity with object-oriented programming
  • Proficient in MS Office Applications
  • Familiarity with the Document Object Model
  • Strong skills in business correspondence


  • ICO Application Signed off by Immediate Manager and Department Head
  • Meeting ICO Standard Qualifications (Tenure in current role, PPD, No outstanding disciplinary actions).
  • Attended DNA/RPA Bootcamp
  • Technical Skill Proficiency will be assessed and determined upon assessment with the DNA team.

Foundational Competencies:


Drives Engagement

  • Speaks with enthusiasm
  • Consistently sets positive example
  • Good coaching/counseling skills
  • Regularly uses goals to motivate
  • Admired by others


Develops Talent

  • Places a high priority on developing others
  • Develops others through coaching, feedback, exposure, stretch assignments
  • Aligns employee career development goals with organizational objectives
  • Encourages people to accept development moves


Drives Results

  • Sets aggressive goals and has highest standards
  • Is consistently one of the top performers
  • Pursues everything with energy and drive, the need to finish
  • Persists in the face of challenges and setbacks
  • Always keeps the end in sight, puts in extra effort to meet deadlines


Ensures Accountability

  • Assumes responsibility for the outcomes of others
  • Promotes a sense of urgency and establishes and enforces individual accountability in the team
  • Works with people to establish explicit performance standards
  • Is completely on top of what is going on and knows where things stand
  • Provides balanced feedback at the most critical times


Action Oriented

  • Quickly and decisively takes action in fast-changing unpredictable situation
  • Shows a tremendous amount of initiative in tough situations, is exceptional at spotting and seizing opportunities



  • Often convinces others
  • Able to use tact when persuading
  • Eager to present new ideas to authority
  • Inventive; customizes presentations
  • Often meets objections successfully


Business Insight

  • Knows the business and how organizations make money
  • Keeps up with the current and possible future policies, practices, and trends in the organization, with the competition and in the market place
  • Uses knowledge of business and how strategies and tactics play out in the market to guide actions


Manages Complexity

  • Readily distinguishes between what's relevant and what's unimportant to make sense of complex situations
  • Looks beyond the obvious and does not stop at the first answers
  • Analyzes multiple and diverse sources of information to define problems accurately before moving to solutions


Decision Quality

  • Decisively makes high-quality decisions even when based on incomplete information or in the face of uncertainty
  • Actively seeks input from pertinent sources to make timely and well-informed decisions
  • Skillfully separates opinions from facts
  • Is respected by others for displaying superior judgment


Manages Ambiguity

  • Comfortable with lack of structure
  • Postpones decisions appropriately
  • Accepts delay philosophically
  • Gets information before speaking
  • Comfortable with ambiguity


Section 7:  IM Competencies


Communicates Effectively

  • Delivers messages in a clear, concise, and compelling manner
  • Actively listens and checks for understanding
  • Articulates messages in a way that is broadly understandable
  • Adjusts communication content and style to meet the needs of diverse stakeholders
  • Models and encourages the expression of diverse ideas and opinions



  • Models collaboration across the organization
  • Facilitates an open dialogue with a variety of contributors and stakeholders
  • balances own interests with others'
  • Promotes high visibility of shared contributions to goals
  • Built, leveraged, and maintained strong, high-impact, relationships with variety of relevant parties (local, global)
  • Relationships deeply anchored in stable, long-term, mutually beneficial collaboration


Instills Trust

  • Gains the confidence and trust of other easily
  • Honors commitments and keeps confidences
  • Expresses self in a credible and transparent manner
  • Models high standards of honesty and integrity


Customer Focus

  • Anticipates customer needs and provides services that are beyond customers' expectations
  • Uses customer insights to drive and guide the development of new offerings
  • serves as a strategic partner to build, grow and maintain profitable and long-lasting relationships


Being Resilient

  • Calm under pressure
  • Difficult to provoke
  • Uses criticism to learn
  • Skilled at conflict resolution
  • Rarely defensive


Self Development

  • Seeks out new trends in field
  • Often learns and applies new concepts
  • Readily identifies own weaknesses
  • Sets/attains self-development goals
  • Continually self-aware, actively works to better oneself
  • Outstanding track record of learning and personal development


Situational Adaptability

  • Picks up on the need to change personal, interpersonal, and leadership behavior quickly
  • Observes situational and group dynamics and selects that best fit approach
  • Seamlessly adapts style to fit the specific needs of others


Optimizes Work Processes

  • Uses benchmarking and reviews best practices to set and meet quality improvement targets to improve efficiency and effectiveness resulting in high quality performance in self and in the organization
  • Manages timeframes and deadlines
  • Displays resiliency and takes proactive measures to make improvements
  • Ensures the delivery of high quality results


Cultivates Innovation

  • Moves beyond traditional ways of doing things, pushes past the status quo
  • Continually assesses the market potential of an innovative idea or solution
  • Finds and champions the best creative ideas and actively moves them into implementation
  • Tries multiple varied approaches to innovative ideas
  • Builds excitement in others to explore creative options


Builds effective Teams

  • Forms team with appropriate and diverse mix of styles, perspectives and experience
  • Establishes common objectives and shared mindset
  • Creates a feeling of belonging and strong team morale
  • Shares wins and rewards team efforts


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