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Engineer, Software Development-PHL

Taguig City, Philippines
Job ID: 41170


Section 1: Engineer, Software Development


Position Title: 

Engineer, Software Development

Job code:




Date Prepared:

January 2021

Reports to:


Prepared by:



Global IT

Business line:


Positions reporting to this position


Target team size:








Section 2:  Position Summary



The Engineer writes new programs, maintains, and modifies existing applications programs. The Engineer is also responsible for creating technical design/solutions and following the Ingram Micro chosen applications development standards and methodologies.


The Engineer works primarily on an independent basis within the guidelines given for delivery of technical work assignments.


The Engineer must have good communication and collaboration skills and be team oriented.


Shifts are between morning, mid or night with weekends as off-days although members can be asked to report to work at night and/or during weekends and/or holidays.


 Section 3:  Responsibilities, Supporting Actions & End-Results


Guidelines: List the essential responsibilities, functions and/or activities, provide the supporting actions to describe how the work will be accomplished and provide the desired end results. List the responsibilities in order of importance and the estimated percentage of time for the responsibility (no one responsibility should be greater than 60% of time or less than 10%).  The most important responsibility is not necessarily the one where the most amount of time is spent.             


10% Major Responsibility: Requirements Analysis/Effort Estimation


Supporting Actions:

  • Can ask the right questions to obtain desired information.
  • Can identify complexity of the requirement/tickets.
  • Can piece together details obtained during requirements gathering to see the big picture.
  • Understanding of business requirement process.
  • Can come up with effort estimation on own task.
  • Can come up with high level effort of entire requirement/tickets.


End Results:

  • Documentation of gathered information.
  • Accurate project completion date.
  • Clear understanding of the requirement/tickets in terms of scope and specifications.


Percentage:     10%


10% Major Responsibility: Design


Supporting Actions:

  • Can translate business requirements to Functional/Technical design.
  • Can identify possible exception/s based on the gathered requirements
  • Can drive discussion with interface applications and business to understand the requirements.
  • Can render judgements/decision about the scope, effort and criticality of the requirements


End Results:

  • Detailed Functional/Technical Design documents.


Percentage:     10%


40% Major Responsibility: Build/Development & Production support


Supporting Actions:

  • Creates technical design and solution to address particular business/system requirements/tickets.
  • Creates applications code with consideration for efficiency and ease of maintenance.
  • Can identify the technical implication of any solution on the other modules/functionalities.
  • Can assist on code review and suggest optimized implementation/solution
  • Resolves technical issues and analyzes or develops solutions for application programs outside primary application knowledge.
  • Can provide estimates and timeline based on the given requirements/ticket.
  • Can come up with quick solutions/workaround to keep the business running.
  • Can identify the support group and stakeholders needed to address issues.
  • Can participate in execution and support of project’s release management activities, especially during development and at least in the lower environments)
  • Can provide support to Senior members of the team during Deployment/Implementation, if asked to do so, with specific instructions followed


End Results:

  • Fully working module with minimal defects.
  • Successful country deployment (incase support was required)


Percentage:     40%



10% Major Responsibility: Code Review


Supporting Actions:

  • Able to conduct code review based on the internal code checklist.
  • Able to identify if test cases/scenarios provided are accurate and align with the requirements/tickets.
  • Able to introduce new processes/requirements to improve quality of deliverables.



End Results:

  • Fully working module with minimal defects.


Percentage:     10%



10% Major Responsibility: Unit Testing


Supporting Actions:

  • Can execute detailed test plans for unit testing
  • Can do bug fixing on builds he performed
  • Well-versed in using debugging tools/utilities
  • Able to provide detailed review points/feedbacks in doing Peer Reviews.



End Results:

  • Fully working module with minimal defects


Percentage:     10%



10% Major Responsibility: IST/UAT


Supporting Actions:

  • Can investigate and determine the root cause of the issue.
  • Can provide a fix to the issues encountered during testing that is related to the requirement/ticket
  • Can do bug fixing on builds he/she performed.


End Results:

  • Fully working modules with minimal defects


Percentage:     10%­­­


10% Major Responsibility: Admin Tasks


Supporting Actions:

  • Accurate clocking of worked hours in Kronos, SAP CATS and Plan Port.
  • Compliance to company policies and mandatory training.
  • Responds to communications in a timely manner.


End Results:

  • Adherence to all company policies
  • Simple decision-making regarding other team members’ schedules and tasks.


Percentage:     10%



Section 4:  Decision Making Authority Level


Guidelines: Describe the authority held by the position by listing the main decisions that the position is free to make and explain the decisions that depend on the position’s advice.


Decisions free to make:

      Determine if application is performing as expected. 

      Determine what trainings he/she needs in order to be up-to-speed.

      Finalize project timeline based on tasks given

      Researches and collects appropriate data points for effective decision making.

      Readily makes recommendations and includes necessary documentation and material to support conclusions.


 Explain the decisions that depend on position’s advice:

      Need for software/hardware upgrade.

      Need for application architecture change.

      Effectivity of associate as an individual contributor to the project.

      If coverage be provided for different shifts.

      If deadlines can be met.


Section 5:  Scope/Dimensions


Guidelines: List the main quantitative measures that define the size and scope of the position (headcount, budget, profit dollar target).             








Section 6:  Job Qualifications and Educational Requirement


Guidelines: Provide the education, experience, skills, and competencies necessary to perform the position.


  • Graduate of any IT Related 4- or 5-year course.
  • 3 to 4 years’ experience in related programming language
  • Highly skilled of any of the following technology
  • Microsoft technology such as MS Visual Studio, .NET, Entity Framework, MVC, MS SQL and Angular JS.
  • T-SQL / ANSI SQL  
  • DB2
  • IMS
  • Oracle PL/SQL
  • Oracle DDL
  • Experience in API (Application Programming Interface) is a plus
  • Experience in Source Control Management like TFS is a plus
  • Experience in programming language such as Bootstrap and Angular JS, Oracle and Cobol is a plus.
  • Very strong communication skills both written and verbal with strong technical, analytical, and problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to create Technical documentations.
  • Nice to Haves:

          Experience in Reverse Logistics and Mobile Repair Industry, or anything equivalent

          ITIL experience

          Any IT Service Management Tool Experience like ServiceNow

          Agile-Scrum experience


Foundational Competencies:

  • Drives Results
    • Sets aggressive goals and has highest standards
    • Is consistently one of the top performers
    • Pursues everything with energy and drive, the need to finish
    • Persists in the face of challenges and setbacks
    • Always keeps the end in sight, puts in extra effort to meet deadlines


  • Decision Quality
    • Makes sound decisions, even in the absence of complete information
    • Relies on a mixture of analysis, wisdom, experience, and judgment when making decisions
    • Considers all relevant factors and uses appropriate decision-making criteria and principles
    • Recognizes when a quick 80% solution will suffice


  • Communicates Effectively
    • Is effective in a variety of communication settings, 1:1, small, large groups, or among diverse styles and position levels.
    • Attentively listens
    • Adjusts to fit the audience and the message
    • Provides timely and helpful information to others across the organization
    • Encourages the open expression of diverse ideas and opinions


  • Manages Complexity
    • readily distinguishes between what's relevant and what's unimportant to make sense of complex situations
    • Looks beyond the obvious and does not stop at the first answers
    • Analyzes multiple and diverse sources of information to define problems accurately before moving to solutions


Section 7:  IM Competencies


Guidelines: Provide the IM Competencies necessary to perform the position.


  • Self-Development
    • Seeks out new trends in field
    • Often learns and applies new concepts
    • Readily identifies own weaknesses
    • Sets/attains self-development goals
    • Continually self-aware, actively works to better oneself
    • Outstanding track record of learning and personal development


  • Interpersonal Savvy
    • Proactively develops relationships with a wide variety of people
    • Builds immediate rapport, even when facing difficult or tense situations
    • Understands interpersonal and group dynamics and reacts in an effective manner
    • Engages input from others constantly and listens with empathy and concern
    • High recognition of on job conflict
    • Often suggests solutions to conflicts
    • Often aware of sensitive issues
    • Works maturely with difficult people


  • Instills Trust
    • gains the confidence and trust of other easily
    • honors commitments and keeps confidences
    • Expresses self in a credible and transparent manner
    • Models high standards of honesty and integrity


  • Being Resilient
    • Adequate emotional control
    • Shows temper only with provocation
    • Reasonably calm under criticism
    • Some ability to manage conflict
    • Occasionally defensive


Section 8:  Other Information

Guidelines: Indicate any information that would be helpful in understanding the nature, scope or purpose of the position, or any unusual or hazardous conditions associated with performing the position.                                                                                     


  • On-call
    • May be asked to provide secondary or tertiary support during weekends / holidays
    • Readiness to provide support to the team lead and primary support associate to address the overflow.



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