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Systems Analyst-PHL (AWS)

This job posting is no longer active.

Taguig City, Philippines
Job ID: 23929


Section 1:  Identifying Information


Position Title: 

Systems Analyst Data Management – AWS

Job code:




Date Prepared:

October 2018

Reports to:

Team Lead

Prepared by:

Edgar Bernardo Jambalos / Camille Alvarez



Business line:

Global IS – Data Management

Positions reporting to this position


Target team size:







Section 2:  Position Summary

Guidelines: Please provide a brief summary of the overall scope of the position.


The Systems Analyst – Data Management - AWS designs, develops, and implements, maintains, and supports end-user systems.  Also responsible for defining application system requirements to solve complex business problems and write new application programs of moderate to significant complexity and scope.  Maintains and modifies existing application programs. The Systems Analyst – Data Management - AWS is responsible for following the Ingram Micro chosen application’s development standards and methodologies. Primarily works on an independent basis within the guidelines given for delivery of technical work assignments.


Section 3:  Responsibilities, Supporting Actions & End-Results

Guidelines: List the essential responsibilities, functions and/or activities, provide the supporting actions to describe how the work will be accomplished and provide the desired end results. List the responsibilities in order of importance and the estimated percentage of time for the responsibility (no one responsibility should be greater than 60% of time or less than 10%).  The most important responsibility is not necessarily the one where the most amount of time is spent.             

Major Responsibility:Systems Analysis and Design   

Supporting Actions:

      Independently analyzes business problems and operational data from one or more sources to formulate solutions of moderate to significant complexity.  Responsible for identifying various technical/application alternatives and clearly defining user specifications.  

      Analysis typically includes design of new programs of moderate to significant complexity and complex changes to existing programs.   May involve design outside of subject matter expertise.

      Analysis typically limited to small/medium projects or tasks within a large project.

      Relies on others only for specific application knowledge or non-primary platform/application issues.  

      Creative in delivering value and carefully researched alternatives and system solutions to address customer/user requests.

      Resolves technical issues and analyzes or develops solutions for application programs outside primary application knowledge.

      Performs efficient and effective analysis and complete task level activities, which may include development of recommendations, process design changes, system specifications, and business analysis cases from the analysis performed. 

      Initiates and leads design reviews for own projects.

      Directs interaction with application users, change requestors, and/or user/departmental middle management.  

      Works directly with functional department liaisons for key application area(s) to understand current processes and methodologies and work towards implementing efficiencies and where feasible, improving the current processes or system.

      This position is responsible for developing, configuring, implementing and maintaining AWS systems.

      Troubleshooting and resolving complex production support issues quickly and summarizing and reporting the results; producing appropriate documentation and notifications for changes to production systems or fixes to production problems.

      Responsible for creating, enhancing and analyzing complex data metrics and procedures to improve the level of data integrity within the AWS systems.

      Responsible for testing, configuring, documenting and preparing for system upgrades, patches, enhancements and other backend system developments.

      Consult with AWS team to determine their goals and objectives for AWS systems; and will provide recommendations for achieving those goals and develop such solutions; creating unit and system testing scenarios and scripts, performing unit testing, assisting AWS team in system and UAT testing, and documenting testing results.

      Provides advanced Level 2/3 support. Investigates operational or systematic problems and provides resolution using advanced analytical skills and tools as necessary.

      Ensures that programs and projects are designed to support and implement the Organizations goals and objectives

      The ability to troubleshoot service interruption incidents, identify the root cause and take corrective action.

      Experience with the full application development lifecycle

      Must be able to work independently

      Must be able to manage constantly changing priorities

      Must be able to complete assignments within the expected timeline

      Experience supporting a 24X7 operational environment including acting as primary on-call contact on a rotating basis.

      Ensures quality standards are met.

      Other responsibilities as assigned.


End Results:Team continues to improve technical and functional skills in order to complete incidents within service level agreements to promote customer satisfaction. 

Percentage:     30%


Major Responsibility:Systems Development and Implementation

Supporting Actions:

      Designs and writes new programs with a moderate to high degree of complexity utilizing departmental systems development methodology, standard procedures, and techniques.

      Prepares components of assignments for review and production implementation.  To include program comparisons, detailed test results, user/technical/operational documentation, rerun/restart procedures, and other pertinent information.

      Executes the Systems Development Methodology (SDM) for small projects.

      Proficient in primary language, application, and platform.  

      Utilizes all development tools in primary application and/or platform.

      Creates detailed programming specifications with consideration to efficiency and ease of maintenance. 

      Demonstrates increasing consideration of coding/development across multiple platforms/applications.

      Interprets medium level business requirements into programming specifications.

      Independently resolves abnormal terminations (Abends)/production issues. 

      Develops programs outside primary application and platform.

      Proficient in primary database platform. 

      Systems development tasks may include new development, systems maintenance, or small enhancements in any of the following general areas: mainframe or client-server online systems, interfaces, or conversions, and web-based internet, intranet, or extranet-based applications.  

      Systems development supports, adheres to, and maintains current applications development standards and methodologies.

      Responsible for installation and implementation of major, complex software systems. Ensures all program product software is properly prioritized, planed, tested and coordinated with the appropriate parties. Ensures all program product software changes are implemented in the time frame required and in a zero-defect manner.

      Planning and organizing responsibilities. Schedules and prioritizes multiple projects. Determines the appropriate level of resources needed to staff projects.



End Results:Supports and guides LO and Development activities while empowering team members to take actions and make decisions.



Major Responsibility:Systems Maintenance and Support 

Supporting Actions:

      Maintains and modifies existing application programs and write new programs of high complexity.  Develops specifications based on end-user/customer requirements and design/scope necessary tasks.  

      Resolves technical issues and modifies application programs outside of primary application or platform.  

      Performs problem analysis, monitoring, determines and implements system solutions, escalate as appropriate to departmental management, and communicate resolution to appropriate Information Technology management and support personnel.

      Systems development supports, adheres to, and maintains current applications development standards and methodologies.

      Provides on-call support on normal rotations and take’s ownership of incidents and brings them to closure. 

      Responsible for meeting service level objectives and system availability. Identifies root causes of serious, complex problems and permanently resolves. Implements and uses the required software tools to proactively monitor the systems as well as recover the systems if required.

      Initiates, supports and promotes change efforts. Understands the value of change and communicates this to others.

      Maintains documentation to support DW/BI


End Results:Work towards implementing efficiencies and improving the current processes or system.



Section 4:  Decision Making Authority Level

Guidelines: Describe the authority held by the position by listing the main decisions that the position is free to make and explain the decisions that depend on the position’s advice.

Decisions free to make:

      Effective prioritization of problems and resolution plan.

      Work assignment priorities.

      Holds team members accountable and performs basic performance management.

      Clearly communicates expectations. Coordinates and tracks the work of the team.

      Prioritize issues and concerns requiring the attention of Management

      Initiating Meetings and other communications to manage effective work flow and achieve desired results.


Explain the decisions that depend on position’s advice:

      Resolution of incidents and SLAs being met. 

      Prioritization due to resource allocation impact.


Example decisions that depend on position’s advice:

      Reallocation of additional associates to a critical incident. 

      Generation of weekly status report to management.


Section 5:  Scope/Dimensions

Guidelines: List the main quantitative measures that define the size and scope of the position (headcount, budget, profit dollar target).             

      Collaborates with Business and other teams such as Data Management, Impulse, SEEBURGER and others

      Part of local team of 2 headcount

      Incident Triage. Ensures that requests, incidents, RFCs, and problem tickets are handled with urgency and completed in compliance with published SLAs...



Section 6:  Job Qualifications and Educational Requirement

Guidelines: Provide the education, experience, skills and competencies necessary to perform the position.

      A Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Engineering, Science and Math or related discipline with an IT emphasis is required.   

      2 to 3 years for Design and Development with expert knowledge of DW Architecture and ETL Processes. Strong programming skills in ETL

  •   Expertise with architecture frameworks to support an organization with multiple business units, geographic areas and systems footprint across many technologies.
  • Deep conceptual and technological understanding of contemporary architecture concepts, industry trends, and best practices.
  • Ability to leverage knowledge to assess organizational needs, provide advice on the right solutions to business problems, and address business opportunities with immediate and long-term relevance.
  • Ability to provide data integration services: acquire, cleanse, merge, validate, visualize and data mine.
  • Technical experience with Cloud Infrastructure.

      Knowledge of AWS Data Stack using S3, EMR, Data Pipeline. Cloud Formation Amazon, Redshift, VPC, IAM, Amazon Athena, Amazon Quick sight.

      Worked on the CICD implementation using Jenkins.

      Well versed in code repository management tools – GIT, TFS.

  • Data warehousing management, database optimization, and administration experience.
  • Experience building systems to transition from datasets ranging from gigabytes to terabytes.
  • Experience with Big Data tech (e.g., Pig, Hive, Spark, Hbase, Presto, Sqoop, Hadoop, Impala).
  • Good understanding in Python Scripting and SQL Programming.
  • Expert SQL skills (T-SQL, stored procedure programing, functions, triggers) and willingness to code.
  • Experience or ability to learn sufficient C# and .NET
  • Experience gathering and processing raw data (structured/unstructured) at scale, including writing scripts, web scraping, calling APIs, writing SQL queries on a variety of platforms, etc
  • Worked on the CICD implementation using Jenkins.
  • Preferably with AWS SOLUTION ARCHITECT ASSOCIATE certification .
  • Implementation of the SLDC - development, test, and production environments.
  • Implement industry best practices including document principles, policies, standards, and governance process; while considering security, performance, scalability, and reliability.
  • Evaluating systems: identifying infrastructure constraints, friction points, and implementing change to optimize and improve efficiency.

      Develop and maintain system design documents to illustrate current and future architecture.

      System Administration/Architecture experience.

      Ability to diagnose and resolve system bottlenecks

      Experience in capacity planning for computation and storage needs

      Competency in developing solutions for diverse and complex business problems

      Proactive, initiative taker, possess ability to work independently with minimal supervision

      A collaborative working style and ability to work independently in a team environment

      Excellent verbal and written communication skills

      Ability to work under pressure, adapt to changing environments, manage multiple large projects


Section 7:  IM Competencies

Guidelines: Provide the IM Competencies necessary to perform the position.

      Effective Communication

  • Delivers messages in a clear, concise, and compelling manner
  • Actively listens and checks for understanding
  • Articulates messages in a way that is broadly understandable
  • Adjusts communication content and style to meet the needs of diverse stakeholders



  • Models collaboration across the organization
  • Facilitates an open dialogue with a variety of contributors and stakeholders.
  • Built, leveraged, and maintained strong, high-impact, relationships with variety of relevant parties (local, global)


      Customer Focus

  • Anticipates customer needs and provides services that are beyond customers’ expectations
  • Serves as a strategic partner to build, grow and maintain profitable and long-lasting relationships


      Interpersonal Savvy

  • Proactively develops relationships with a wide variety of people
  • Understands interpersonal and group dynamics and reacts in an effective manner
  • Engages input from others constantly and listens with empathy and concern
  • Often suggests solutions to conflicts and aware of sensitive issues


      Ensures Accountability

  • Is completely on top of what is going on and knows where things stand
  • Promotes a sense of urgency and establishes and enforces individual accountability in the team


      Decision Making

  • Researches and collects appropriate data points for effective decision making. 
  • Readily makes recommendations and includes necessary documentation and material to support conclusions.
  • Analyzes multiple and diverse sources of information to define problems accurately before moving to solutions


   Instills Trust

  • Gains the confidence and trust of other easily
  • Expresses self in a credible and transparent manner
  • Models high standards of honesty and integrity

Manage Ambiguity

  • Intolerant of delay; needs closure
  • Jumps to conclusions even in the absence of important information
  • Deals with unresolved situations and speak up to quickly


      Develops Innovative Practices

  • Develops innovative ideas and solutions to problems.
  • Reduces inefficiencies in work processes.
  • Recognizes when it is appropriate to challenge the status quo and when it is not.


      Works as a Team Member

  • Supports team decisions to implement changes, suggestions, improvements, and solutions.
  • Encourages and supports the exploration and application of best practices.
  • Offers assistance to others and shares information regardless of personal likes or dislikes.


      Acts with Integrity & Respect

  •     Prevents personal conflicts from interfering with his/her objectivity.
  •     Consistently arrives on time for meetings and appointments.
  •     Accepts responsibility for the results of his/her decisions and actions.
  •     Behaves in a way that is consistent with Ingram Micro’s values.


      Self-Development/nimble learning

  • Sets/attains self-development goals. Continually self-aware, actively works to better oneself. 
  • Readily identifies own weaknesses
  • Seeks out new trends in field
  • Often learns and applies new concepts



Section 8:  Other Information

Guidelines: Indicate any information that would be helpful in understanding the nature, scope or purpose of the position, or any unusual or hazardous conditions associated with performing the position.                                                                                     


      Resource is willing to work on a shifting schedule (esp., night/graveyard shift -  no exceptions)

      Resource is willing to work on a rotating On Call Schedule (Week End Support)

      Resource is flexible to work on holidays and weekends (i.e., project cutover or on-call support work)

      Travel is probable for this position thus should not have travel restrictions (likely to US and India)

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