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Navigating Career Growth

Maria D'Angelo, Key Account Manager, Ingram Micro Lifecycle, Germany


It’s been a little over two years since Maria D’Angelo embarked on her journey at Ingram Micro. “I think it’s funny because my work anniversary is on the 14th of February, on Valentine’s Day!”

“At the very beginning, I applied for a position which was Assistant to our Operation Manager. Then, they offered me also right away to take on a position in customer communication. So, I worked half of the time as a Management Assistant. I was following internal projects helping our Operation Manager, and taking care of the operational communication with a customer. I was quite successful, especially with the second one, and I became the Key Account Manager for this customer and a brand new customer of Ingram in Flensburg”.  

Talking about the new role, she explained “Since I started as a Key Account Manager, the whole process has been really challenging because we started from scratch every process, and we had to design everything.” 

Talking about Ingram Micro’s culture, Maria highlighted “If there’s one thing I always emphasize, it’s the incredible team at Ingram Micro. The team is very supportive and there’s a familiar atmosphere. We have online courses where you capture what’s the overall philosophy, a very inclusive and multicultural culture, I am Italian myself. Here in Flensburg, where I work, it’s completely reflected. There is an open and comfortable atmosphere. We also have a very flat hierarchy, it’s very easy to get in touch with your supervisor or with the management.”

Maria also shared “Back in the day when I joined Ingram Micro, I remember that the person who was responsible for my onboarding told me that the team was very nice, and today, I can tell it’s true”. 

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