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Embracing Multiculturalism and Innovation at Ingram Micro

Andrés Caceres Sr Vendor Management Ingram Micro, Miami (US)


At Ingram Micro, we believe in the power of growth and the potential of our associates. 

Today, we shared the story of Andrés Caceres, based in the United States, who has been with us for approximately 7 years and 4 months. His journey is a testament to our commitment to personal and professional development.  

Andrés joined Ingram Micro before the merger with AKTIO. Recognizing the need for a dedicated cybersecurity specialist, he stepped into this role in August 2016, “Being a Security Specialist was a significant challenge, not only because I was the first person in the Colombian team to talk about cybersecurity topics, but also because there was a busy period regarding the merger, impacting the structure and strategy”. 

Despite the challenges, he persevered “During 2017 and 2018, we overcame the merger and began optimizing the cybersecurity practice in Colombia”. 

As Andrés grew in his new role, he took on new responsibilities. “After being a Security Specialist, there were two vendors at that time, and the decision was made for me to dedicate myself to these two vendors -IBM and Cisco Security. With this, we began to develop and understand the ecosystem much more.” 

His dedication and hard work didn’t go unnoticed. When the opportunity arose to establish a cybersecurity business unit at the regional level, he was chosen to lead it. “I started a career within Ingram Micro, where I started with literally one person -it was me, and now, after 7 years, I am in charge of 11 people”.  

Our associate credits his success to the supportive and multicultural environment at Ingram Micro. He loves to travel and learn about different cultures. “During these 7 years, I have had the opportunity to visit some countries and even on vacation, I talk to my boss and ask if it would be okay to stop in a city and meet the team.” 

Ingram Micro is a place where ideas are heard and valued. “Although Ingram Micro is very large, proposals are heard here, at least in my case. At some point, I explained to my team to think of the company as a startup with millions of dollars behind it, that if there is a good idea and we can develop it, everyone will listen”.  

Looking at the future, Andrés would like to go hand in hand with innovation. “Undoubtedly, artificial intelligence and robotic process automation, are cross-cutting issues that will permeate any other type of solution, so I would like to be here, it’s a good time to be here, see the market, and see how we can support the change.” 

If you have any ideas, raise your hand. There will always be someone who will hear you. Look for it, it’s an open-door policy.

Andrés concludes, “Ingram Micro is a place to be an intrapreneur, to undertake within the company, and for that, you must be very updated and if you have any idea, raise your hand. There will always be someone who will hear you, whether it is the direct manager or a person from there. Look for it, it’s an open-door policy.” 

Join us at Ingram Micro, where we value growth, opportunity, and the power of our people.