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Meet Lionel, our Sales Specialist Dell!

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Who is Lionel and what makes you unique?

I am Lionel, a true Belgian lad with 14 years of print industry experience before embarking on my journey with Ingram Micro. Starting in the B2C department as an Inside Sales Specialist, my career trajectory took a fascinating turn, and now I am rocking it with the Dell team.

This role aligns seamlessly with my interests and skills, offering daily opportunities for learning and growth.

Which aspects of your role give you positive energy and motivation?

I am absolutely thriving as a Sales Specialist, collaborating closely with Partners on intricate enterprise projects. The sheer size and complexity of these projects keep my enthusiasm sky-high. Exploring diverse industries, each demanding a unique approach, is a constant source of engagement.

Maintaining close relationships with stakeholders demands effort, but the sheer joy of providing recognized high-level service makes it all worthwhile.

How do you add an original twist to your role in the team, and what energy do you bring?

Within my role I ensure that processes are running smoothly, efficiently and on time for all the partners that I work with. Witnessing the team consistently deliver top-tier service is incredibly gratifying, and our collaborative spirit is the secret sauce to our success.

Outside of work, how do you recharge and find relaxation?

Next to my work at Ingram Micro, I am all about strategic board games – they're my evening escape, engaging my mind and letting me unwind. Back at home, my two cats, a dog, and a bunch of fish keep me on my toes with love and care.

Traveling is my true love. Recently checked off the Galapagos Islands from my bucket list – an awe-inspiring experience with unparalleled wildlife and fauna protection.

What is your ultimate life motto?

I try to look at everything in a positive way!

Let’s shape tomorrow.