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Joost Satink - Finance Consultant based in the Netherlands


Let your future flourish at Ingram Micro. We value each and every one of our international team, nurturing skills, encouraging fresh thoughts and recognizing excellent work. We are excited to share insights from a conversation we recently had with Joost Satink, Finance Consultant based in the Netherlands. We discussed about life and careers at our Finance department, the skills required to become a Finance associate at Ingram Micro, and insights about the IT industry in general.  

When asking Joost what does he like most about working at Ingram Micro he said: “What do I like most about working in Finance at Ingram Micro? Well, obviously the flexibility. Continuing our discussion with Joost we asked him about the sills required to become a talented Finance professional “Wondering which are all the typical financial skills, right? You need to be compliant, or you need to have an appetite for compliance. You need to have an appetite for legal needs and also for all kinds of rules and guidelines which you need to follow.  You need to be strict to that, and there's no gray area.”  

With Ingram Micro, there’s no limit. We reach nearly 90% of the world's population serving their technology needs. We deliver a full spectrum of global technology and supply chain services to businesses around the world.  

But what does this mean in simple words? Closing our conversation with Joost, he shared with us learnings about the IT industry. “In the IT industry every manufacturer creates new products every single time. And nothing today is the same. What it does is it's really looks for new requirements of what the customers are buying. That is very interesting to me. What I find interesting is the relationship between us, the distributor and the manufacturer and selling it to the reseller. And what is interesting about it is the huge amount of demands. So, we our rights as a distributor in my opinion is that we are handling all these complex processes. We get the feed in from 300 unique fenders with all their own processes, and we're feeding it out to 10,000 customers.” 

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