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Embracing change: Navigating the Dynamic Landscape

Pamela Mardones Senior Profesional, Human Resources Ingram Micro, Chile

Foto Pamela Mardones (1)

When Pamela Mardones, Senior Professional of Human Resources, based in Chile, first joined Ingram Micro, it was like stepping into a world of endless possibilities. Little did she know that her journey would be shaped by both professional and personal growth. “As a Civil Industrial Engineer by profession, I’ve navigated a fascinating path. But my journey extends beyond the technical sphere”, shares Pamela.  

Pamela arrived at Ingram Micro just as the pandemic began to cast its shadow across the globe. With her background in Human Resources (HR) and passion for innovation, she seized the chance to redefine the internal communications role. “It was a role I had dabbled in before, but now I could truly expand its impact”, she explains. 

One program stood out as she settled into the operations certification “Last year, we embarked on an ambitious journey. Over 200 hours of training, 50 participants, and meticulous logistics –our goal was clear: elevate our operations. And we did just that. The program was a resounding success”.  

Reflecting on her journey at Ingram Micro, Pamela shares “On a personal level, Ingram Micro has been a revelation. The innovation culture here is not just lip service; it’s woven into our DNA. When I propose an idea, it’s embraced. I’m tenacious –I'll present it again and again until it finds its place. That’s the spirit that sets us apart”. 

A couple of years ago, Ingram Micro embarked on the One LATAM project –a bridge connecting the different countries. “Since then, our collaboration has increased: whether it’s sharing insights or lending a helping hand, we’ve cultivated a culture that thrives on collaboration,” Pamela highlights.  

When asked for advice for a new Ingram Micro associate, Pamela shared “Joining a new company can be overwhelming. The emotional journey is as crucial as the professional one. We encourage newcomers to take their time, understand the dynamics, and embrace the learning curve”.  

Beyond her professional life, Pamela has personal interests that enrich her life “Around five years ago, I delved into therapies. Reiki and other energy-based practices became part of my life. Beyond office hours, I relax and support my health and the health of others with essential oils and I also love practicing Pilates.”