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With us you will embrace new challenges

Learning Agility with Celine Jeannot (HR Director, France) and Anuradha Verma (Director Organizational Development & Talent Management, APAC)

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In a fast-paced, continuously changing and ever-evolving industries, such as IT, one of the most critical aspects of success is learning agility. This entails the ability to adapt to and embrace new challenges as a defining factor in the success of our associates and our organization.

Following up on our interview series “Exploring HRTrends”, we chatted with Anuradha Verma, Director of Talent Management & Organization Development APAC, and Céline Jeannot, Director of HR France about this topic. At Ingram Micro, we believe that learning agility is not only a skill; it’s a mindset that helps individuals and teams to drive innovation and shape tomorrow through the right skills and mindset. 

Céline shared with us “We recently organized a breakfast session at the office with our associates who showcased a strong desire to upskill and acquire new knowledge. Learning agility isn't just retention—it's empowerment. In France, associates take full ownership of their self-development. A shift in mindset encourages them to take charge and grow personally and professionally.” 

Anuradha also shared some examples: “We provide all the associates with many resources to learn from, such as training on Growth Mindset, Leadership program, Talent Development Program, and LinkedIn Learning, to develop their skills and capabilities. There are also specific skill-based programs. We recently led a project called Sales Enablement, a capability journey where the sales associates are trained on a sales methodology in the classroom, post the learning, they apply this in their day-to-day sales interactions and business scenarios with partners and customers. This is a good example of learning in class and applying the learning to real business situations to be successful." 

It’s stated that in the past years, our HR teams have been working more closely with our business leaders. According to Celine, “I have been at Ingram Micro for more than 30 years. For the last five years, I can see how HR is having a seat at the table, together with Finance, Go-to-Market, and our Country Leaders. We can now further influence and drive business performance. This is a new trend, and at Ingram Micro, we’re evolving fast.” 

From the point of view of Anuradha “What I can see is that HR is evolving in the way business is evolving, and HR talent is also moving across the organization in diverse roles. We have some examples of successful HR talent who moved into business-critical roles such as Change Leaders or leading a sales organization. These are great examples of learning agility within the organization, where HR talent is provided with an opportunity to apply learning from the past to be successful in current and future business scenarios, opportunities, and challenges. This is why I think Ingram Micro is way ahead, HR goes beyond an enabler role and works shoulder-to-shoulder with our business leaders. At HR we support accelerating our business.” 

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