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Reducing paper waste: our journey toward sustainability

Peter Djigansky, Business Manager Pan EMEA (Vendor Management), Bulgaria

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At Ingram Micro, innovation isn’t just about technology; it’s also about making a positive impact on our environment. In this blog post, Peter Djigansky, Business Manager Pan EMEA, shares how Ingram Micro transformed their Logitech video conference solutions, streamlined paperwork, significantly reduced paper usage, and increased customer experience. 

“In order to increase customer experience, we are creating complete all-in-one box VC solutions, where we combine Logitech products with PC devices. Each bundle required extensive paperwork -a whopping 11 pages per box! As we scaled up, throughout the years we realized that this approach was not corresponding to our company standards and needs a revision.”, Peter recalls. 

In search of a smarter solution, there were several calls between Peter and the knitting team in Straubing, where they asked themselves, “It is really necessary to use 11 pages?”. The answer was clearly “NO” This led to Logitech's involvement, who happily embraced the project and digitalized the information previously printed on paper into a dedicated landing page. “Welcome letters are now embedded in a QR code that links the customer to a landing page where you can see all product details in your native language, and you can activate your 90 days Microsoft Team support by simply scanning one QR code instead of reading through the 11 pages”, Peter explains. 

The digitalization efforts have already yielded impressive results “From August 2023, we’ve saved 8,608 sheets of paper, prevented 50 kilograms of C02 emissions, and preserved seven trees”, Peter proudly shares.  

This initiative was a collaborative effort. The warehouse team played a crucial role, and the Pan-European Management recognized their efforts. Logitech stood firmly behind their cause. 

We’re taking small, but firm steps toward a greener planet. Remember, even the smallest actions are steps in the right direction

Peter Dijgansky

“This is just another great example of Ingram Micro`s social awareness. Our culture embraces innovation and environmental responsibility. We’re taking small, but firm steps toward a greener planet. Remember, even the smallest actions are steps in the right direction” Peter concludes.