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Meet Arnold, our Warehouse Supervisor!

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Who is Arnold and what makes you unique?

I have been on a fantastic journey with Ingram Micro for the past 17 years – a journey I eagerly anticipate every day. Throughout this time, I've held various positions, but for the last decade, my focus has primarily been on warehousing.

As a proud father of three sons with a wonderful partner, I find immense joy in spending quality time with my family. Working at Ingram Micro not only allows me to appreciate the challenges and rewards within the warehouse but also gives me the opportunity to cherish moments with my loved ones outside of work.
Empathy is a core part of who I am. I take pride in my ability to bring people together, a skill I employ both professionally and in my personal life.

Which aspects of your role give you positive energy and motivation?

When I witness smiling faces on the floor and feel the sense of teamwork, when we successfully tackle our tasks and wrap up the day with a sense of accomplishment, that's what fuels my enthusiasm to show up each day. The energy of a united and fulfilled team is what keeps me motivated.

How do you add an original twist to your role in the team, and what energy do you bring?

I possess the ability to adjust and respond appropriately to various situations, whether it involves delivering a challenging message or being a supportive friend when needed. I prioritize making the right decisions based on the circumstances at hand, always ready to contribute where necessary. I have a steadfast commitment to advocating for people, provided there is mutual loyalty. It's a blend of tough love and understanding that defines my approach.

Outside of work, how do you recharge and find relaxation?

To be honest, I have one hobby, and it's something I share with all my sons – football. While I might not be an expert on the sport, it serves as a bonding activity that brings us closer together. My oldest son serves as the coach for my youngest son's team, and both actively assist with coaching. Every Saturday, I contribute by helping with transportation for the team, which consists of 11 members. It's always a pleasure to be part of this group. As a father, the beauty of it is that I get to spend weekends with my sons and my wife simultaneously. It's an inclusive and enjoyable experience for everyone involved.

What is your ultimate life motto?
One guiding principle I adhere to is 'it is what it is, accept it, move on, and improve.' This approach applies to both my professional and personal life. Recognizing that we can't always change the past, I emphasize the importance of moving forward with acceptance and a commitment to improvement.

Let’s shape tomorrow.