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Meet Lisette, our Configuration Specialist!

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Who is Lisette and what makes you unique?

I am Lisette, an almost 54-year-old adventurer married for 33 years. I have raised three grown-up children, am a proud grandmother, and currently have only one small dog for the moment (Chihuahua), but I want to have some more.

One unique thing I used to do and enjoy was going on motorcycle tours on my Yamaha chopper. However, due to a pain in my shoulder, I have now stopped that for safety reasons. But it was always a lot of fun to go with a group of friends for 100 - 200km!

My job is an operator, which is quite a hands-on role. We have a specialist here who handles the technical side of things, and I am responsible for setting up devices and making them ready for clients, which I love to do.
I have worked for five years here in the config center and am very happy with my team and role.

Which aspects of your role give you positive energy and motivation?

I derive the most enjoyment from working with the team; it’s a tight-knit group of people, and we all know each other very well, making work even more enjoyable. Given the nature of the sector we operate in, there's the opportunity to learn something new every day. This aspect is particularly rewarding for me, as I am always eager to improve and expand my skill set.

How do you add an original twist to your role in the team, and what energy do you bring?
As the hands-on specialist within our Configuration team, I collaborate closely with the Specialist who crafts the images and delves into other technical aspects of the role. Together, as a cohesive team, we successfully execute projects that may encompass hundreds of devices. The most extensive project I've undertaken involved around 700 devices! While these grand projects are rewarding, I also find immense satisfaction in the intricacies of smaller projects, as they inject a delightful variety into my daily routine.

Outside of work, how do you recharge and find relaxation?

I always find joy when returning home from work, unwinding in front of the television, taking a leisurely stroll with my dog, and, of course, spending quality time with the family. On weekends, I make a conscious effort to meet up with friends and occasionally indulge in a little celebration if the occasion calls for it!

What is your ultimate life motto?

Whenever possible, I make a conscious effort to help others and firmly believe in living life to the fullest.
I must admit, I tend to be a bit shy around new people – a self-professed introvert. However, once you get to know me a little better, I can be quite the opposite. Working here at Ingram Micro is a delight; it's a place where you can truly be yourself and feel completely accepted for it.

Let’s shape tomorrow.