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Meet Justyna, our Customer Support Specialist!

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Who is Justyna and what makes you unique?

My name is Justyna, I am originally from Poland, I have embraced the last 7 years living in The Netherlands, with a brief stint in England before settling into my current position.

Having gained experience in the warehouse's picking and packing team, I have cultivated a comprehensive understanding of both facets of my role, enabling effective assistance to both customers and warehouse colleagues. Despite the occasional challenges, I maintain a positive outlook, finding the camaraderie within the team both enjoyable and rewarding.

Which aspects of your role give you positive energy and motivation?

Being able to swiftly resolve delivery or customer issues without compromising time or quality energizes me. I prioritize attention to detail in problem-solving, with a steadfast commitment to ensuring the highest customer experience quality.

How do you add an original twist to your role in the team, and what energy do you bring?

I am always available to address questions or concerns, whether they come from my department or other areas of the business—this philosophy extends to my personal life. Engaging with various departments daily allows me to stay connected with a diverse range of people, making these interactions intriguing and insightful.

Outside of work, how do you recharge and find relaxation?

I have a lot of hobbies, sometimes I do not have enough time to enjoy them all.
A hands-on individual, I dedicate time to renovating furniture and engaging in similar projects. As a baby and family photographer, and a former wedding photographer, I express my creativity through painting and woodworking.

My family and I are avid enthusiasts of outdoor activities like walking, cycling, and ice skating, ensuring we remain active and engaged.

What is your ultimate life motto?

I believe in working to live, not living to work. Reminding myself of this, I prioritize spending ample time with my family, indulging in travel and long weekends that bring immense joy and fulfillment.

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