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Engage & Inspire

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Career Growth

Our team of volunteers is inspired by people and is dedicated to enriching the life of all Ingram Micro GBS associates, through education and initiatives fostering personal & career growth. Whether it's delving into diverse career paths during the internal career event IM Exploration Day, achieving a balance between family and career with 'Kids & Career – Mission Possible,' or receiving personalized guidance through Career Guidance programs, our dedication is to empower associates on their professional journeys.

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Corporate Citizenship

Our Corporate Citizenship pillar upholds three crucial elements: donations and charity initiatives, unwavering community support, and vibrant employee engagement. It's not just about financial contributions; it's about weaving a fabric of care and impact. The pillar rallies behind causes, extending our hand to uplift communities in need, while nurturing a culture where our workspace becomes a hub of collaboration, empathy, and purpose-driven actions.

From spreading joy through our Christmas Charity and fostering a greener future with tree planting initiatives to building team resilience in the Legion Run, we are dedicated to making a positive impact. Our commitment also involves supporting health through Blood Donation and creating a culture that values personal development with our Office Library. Through charity Bake Sales and a vibrant mix of engaging activities in the office, we celebrate diverse interests, making every effort count together.

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Rewards and Recognition

Our Rewards and Recognition pillar shines a spotlight on employee excellence. Whether for demonstrating Ingram Micro tenets of success, outstanding business achievements, or successful team results, we celebrate and honor our exceptional contributors. We amplify the recognition of proactive colleagues across social media and internal channels, showcasing their dedication and impact within our vibrant community.

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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Ingram Micro, our strength lies in the diversity of our people. Our talents, perspectives, and differences fuel innovation, drive us toward a new future, and contribute to our collective growth. We are proud to celebrate what makes each of us unique because it is our uniqueness that brings us together.
Our initiatives cover health awareness, parents at work, and a supportive workplace culture. From annual support for Sofia Pride to family-focused programs and fostering empathy through Enabled for Life, we are dedicated to creating an inclusive and understanding environment.
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The Well-being Pillar is a dynamic community within our organization, where self-driven associates organize diverse events across four categories: Sports, Mental Health, Nutrition, and Others.
Our initiatives, spanning informative talks, interactive workshops, and engaging sports sessions, aim to promote holistic well-being for all associates. Through our internal channel, we encourage the sharing of thoughts and ideas, fostering a collaborative space for creativity and collective input.