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From Internship to a Thriving Accounting Career: Tsveta Stankova's Success Story at Ingram Micro GBS

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At Ingram Micro GBS, our Internship Program is more than just a stepping stone; it’s a great start for a career in finance and accounting or other business fields. Each year, we offer talented individuals hands-on experience, professional mentoring, and invaluable training that sets the stage for their future success. Our interns work on real-world tasks, learn from seasoned professionals, and access various learning resources like LinkedIn Learning. Today, we’re excited to share the inspiring journey of one such intern: Tsveta Stankova.

How did you learn about the Ingram Micro GBS Internship Program?

I joined Ingram Micro GBS based on a recommendation from a person who works in the company. The opportunities offered by Ingram Micro GBS convinced me to start my career here, with my first step being the internship program in 2022.

Tell us more about the first days of your internship.

The first days were dynamic. The internship program began with a two-day induction training. This included an overview of the company, training on communication platforms like Outlook, and an introduction to the most commonly used tools.

After the induction training, we moved on to the process trainings and learned about the most common accounting procedures. By joining the accounting team and working alongside my colleagues in their daily tasks, I gradually understood all the processes and specifics of the work.

What did you learn during your internship?

 During my internship, I gained deeper insight into our internal programs, enhanced my Excel skills, and refined my soft skills but most importantly, I had the invaluable opportunity to experience real-world accounting work firsthand.

Can you describe your work with your mentor?

Having a mentor throughout the internship program was a game-changer. I received invaluable guidance from my mentor on where to focus and how to improve my knowledge and work. We had regular one-on-one meetings where my mentor provided guidance on career development and highlighted areas I needed to concentrate on. I valued his professionalism, flexibility, and the effort he put into his work. It was a pleasure to work with him.

What other skills have you developed or improved throughout the internship program?

Throughout my internship, I enhanced my communication skills and became more confident. Having free access to LinkedIn Learning was also a great benefit. It provided me with a wide range of courses and resources that allowed me to develop and fine-tune my skills in various areas.

How has your career path developed after your internship?

After finishing my internship, there were no available positions in the same team. However, I was presented with the opportunity to join another accounting team within the organization. Now, in a team of about 17-18 individuals, I thrive in a pleasant atmosphere with diverse processes that keep each workday dynamic. I find fulfilment in my new role, remain dedicated to my work, and feel valued by my team.

What advice would you give to an intern in your department/team?

I would advise future interns to take advantage of all the opportunities the company offers. The supportive atmosphere and resources are invaluable for a good career start. I would highly recommend utilizing their free time to learn with LinkedIn Learning, as it provides great learning opportunities. Creativity and a desire to develop and learn are crucial qualities for success at Ingram Micro GBS.

I do hope my career path inspires other young professionals to take advantage of the opportunities the company provides.