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From College Intern to Full-Time Employee

Parsa Aghaie Finds Culture and Opportunity Key to his Success at Ingram Micro


Parsa Aghaie’s journey at Ingram Micro exemplifies how a nurturing work environment and clear career pathways can lead to remarkable professional growth.

In the bustling world of corporate finance, Parsa Aghaie stands out as a testament to the power of culture and opportunity in shaping a successful career. As a Corporate Financial Planning and Analysis Manager (FP&A) at Ingram Micro, Aghaie’s role is pivotal in steering the company through budgets, forecasts, and strategic financial planning. His story, from an eager college intern to a respected full-time employee and now a people manager, is a narrative of ambition, dedication, and the supportive framework of Ingram Micro.

For Aghaie, finance at Ingram Micro is not just about numbers; it’s a dynamic field where fun intersects with challenge. The diverse projects and cross-functional teamwork make every day an enjoyable puzzle to solve. This blend of excitement and reward has been a key factor in his four-year tenure with the company.

When asked what he likes most about FP&A, he shared, “The world of finance at Ingram Micro is fun. It’s very challenging yet rewarding. We get work on a lot of cool projects working with various teams across different functions.”

What truly cemented Aghaie’s decision to grow with Ingram Micro was the company’s culture. The camaraderie within his team transformed long hours into rewarding experiences. The clear career progression path laid out by Ingram Micro provided him with a roadmap to success, making goal setting not just a task, but an exciting journey towards personal and professional milestones.

“What attracted me to stay on at Ingram Micro after I completed my internship was the culture. The people I work for have made it super fun. We may work long hours at times but working with such an awesome team makes it incredibly rewarding,” said Aghaie.

Ingram Micro’s culture extends beyond the office walls. Activities like happy hours and team outings foster strong bonds among colleagues. For Aghaie, these connections are not just about building a network; they’re about creating a family within the workplace.

Aghaie’s proudest achievement is his evolution from an intern to a people manager. Aghaie said that, “The opportunity to mentor others and contribute to their career advancement is what I find most fulfilling.” This sense of accomplishment is amplified by Ingram Micro’s commitment to diversity and inclusion, making it a comfortable and welcoming place for all employees.

The company’s flexible work policy, which includes a mix of remote and in-office days, caters to the dynamic needs of the business and its employees. This flexibility, coupled with the motivation drawn from his team and the impactful projects, drives Aghaie to create value every day.


Parsa Aghaie’s story at Ingram Micro is more than just a career trajectory; it’s a narrative of finding one’s place in a company that values culture, offers clear opportunities for growth, and understands the importance of work-life balance. It’s a story that many aspiring professionals can look to for inspiration as they navigate their own paths in the corporate world. Find your next career at Ingram Micro!

Sr. Financial Analyst - Financial Reporting and Technical Accounting

  • Irvine, CA, United States of America

Credit Specialist

  • Williamsville, NY, United States of America / NY - Buffalo, HQ

Credit Specialist

  • Williamsville, NY, United States of America / Austin, TX, United States of America / Scottsdale, AZ, United States of America

Distribution Warehouse Supervisor

  • Humacao, PR, United States of America

AWS Sr. Services Delivery Engineer

  • CA, United States of America (Remote)

Sr. Sales Engineer - Cisco Security

  • Field

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