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The Synergy of Skills: A Woman’s Journey in Tech at Ingram Micro

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The Synergy of Skills: A Woman’s Journey in Tech at Ingram Micro.

In the heart of the tech industry, where business acumen meets engineering prowess and design thinking, Victoria Salvatore stands as a testament to the transformative power of a career at Ingram Micro. As a product manager, Victoria embodies the intersection of diverse skills, shaping the future of a legacy company in the digital age.

Victoria’s role at Ingram Micro is pivotal—she is the bridge between business needs and technological solutions. Her day-to-day involves translating complex business requirements into innovative products that propel the company into new frontiers of digital excellence. This task requires a unique blend of technical savvy, business insight, and an empathetic understanding of stakeholder perspectives.

The conversations Victoria engages in with engineers revolve around the “delicate art of transforming existing business processes into more efficient, digital counterparts without losing the essence of what made them successful. It’s a dance of preservation and innovation, ensuring that the business transformation is seamless, and the technical tools remain effective.”

With a background in design and a masters in engineering, Victoria’s career at Ingram Micro has been a harmonious blend of her skills. She has managed products throughout her career, but it’s at Ingram Micro where every facet of her expertise—from business management to engineering and design—has been leveraged to deliver integrated, sophisticated solutions for the company’s needs.

The learning opportunities at Ingram Micro are vast, and Victoria acknowledges that while she hasn’t tapped into them as much as she’d like, the potential for growth is limitless. Her participation in the company’s SAFe certification program is a highlight, teaching her to effectively coordinate multiple teams in complex projects.
Ingram Micro’s flexible work policy is another aspect that Victoria values highly. She prefers to work in the office, finding that face-to-face interactions with stakeholders significantly advance her projects.

When asked about Ingram Micro’s commitment to DE&I, Victoria responded, “Diversity and inclusion at Ingram Micro are not just buzzwords; they’re a lived experience. I have immense respect for my colleagues who balance their professional responsibilities with personal commitments, thanks to the supportive environment that Ingram Micro fosters.”

What drives Victoria at Ingram Micro is “The desire to leave a legacy of impactful work and earn the trust of my colleagues. I take great pride in knowing that my contributions are part of a larger whole, each project adding up to the collective success of the business.


For job seekers, especially women in technology, Victoria’s story is an inspiring call to consider a career at Ingram Micro. It’s a place where values and great culture come together to provide a great work environment as well as opportunities to learn and grow.

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