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Empowering Growth: My Journey at Ingram Micro

Edyta Blaszczyk, Service Supervisor, Operations Ingram Micro Lifecycle, Poland

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Since March 2016, Edyta Blaszczyk has been part of the Ingram Micro community. What started as a role on the service line has blossomed into an exciting journey of growth and development. 

Edyta, Service Supervisor of Operations, based in Poland, shared her story with us “My journey began as an operator on the service line, and then, I transitioned to the reparations team. Over time, I was promoted to line leader, and since 2021 I am the Printer Service Supervisor”.

Our commitment to the associates’ development was key for hew development “When I became the leader of the service line, Ingram Micro provided a unique opportunity -the Leader’s Academy. Through specialized training courses, I delved into methods of team activation, effective communication, feedback delivery, and stress management. These skills empowered me to lead with confidence.” 

Talking about Ingram Micro’s culture, Edyta shared “Ingram Micro’s culture is built on support. The support from my superiors and colleagues was very important to me. From day one, I felt they cared about my success. It’s also a culture that values diversity and sees the power of it. The difference lies in the approach of the associates. Every associate is important, but it’s also important everyone feels good within Ingram Micro”. 

When talking about her day-to-day as a Printer Service Supervisor “What I like most about my job is the dynamism and the fact that every day surprises me with new challenges, that we face together with my colleagues. We share our knowledge, skills, and ideas. We are a good team. I would tell new associates not to be afraid to believe in themselves and ask questions if they don’t know something. Admitting you don’t know something is not a reason to be ashamed, it’s half the way to success. The other half? Acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills”. 

Working at Ingram Micro allows me to spend quality time with my family. We love traveling to the mountains, being in contact with nature and discovering new places is so important to me.

Ingram Micro isn’t just a workplace; it’s a community that fosters growth, values diversity, and champions its associates.