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Meet Delfina, our Logistic Specialist!

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Who is Delfina and what makes you unique?

I am Delfina and originally from Mozambique, but I have been living in Belgium for 23 years. I am 42 years old and I have been with Ingram Micro for 2 years, so I still feel new in the organization and I work in the configuration department.

Working here brings me immense joy – I initially studied to be a management assistant, but fate led me to Config, and I could not be happier. It's not every day you stumble upon such a fantastic work environment with colleagues who are not just coworkers but feel like kindred spirits.

Which aspects of your role give you positive energy and motivation?

Everything! My role is a thrilling rollercoaster of project work, from configuring and prepping devices to handling client requests, following up on orders, and managing inventory. The constant variety keeps me on my toes, bringing excitement and energy to each day.

How do you add an original twist to your role in the team, and what energy do you bring?

It is difficult to say that I play one role. I am a warehouse nomad, always ready to jump in wherever needed. The beauty of this job lies in its diversity – I get to apply my skills in various situations, pushing me to continually improve.

Outside of work, how do you recharge and find relaxation?

Sewing is my zen zone. Last year, I set a goal to craft an entire wardrobe of homemade clothes, a challenge I conquered with great satisfaction. From sewing wedding dresses for friends to my upcoming project for my sister's wedding in Mozambique, I find focus and fulfillment in creating. Switching from work mode to family time is seamless, knowing I have given my best at work.

What is your ultimate life motto?

We all have a role to play in each other's life, so surround yourself with people that value you and respect you and offer them the same back!

A quote I saw the other day was “it’s best to be with people who make the time fly!

Let’s shape tomorrow.