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Enabling others in the Business Operations team

Chantal Hulleman - Project Manager in our Business Operations department based in Belgium

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Curious about what it's like to work in Business Operations at Ingram Micro? To gain fascinating insights we caught up with Chantal Hulleman, who is based in our Belgium office and works as Project Manager in our Business Operations department. Find out why this department is an exciting place to work, and the key skills required to join our team. 

“I find it very interesting to work in business operations because we work to enable others. We ensure that our customer and vendor teams can focus solely on our partners and are supported and not hindered by internal processes and tools. I really enjoy business operations because it involves supporting and enabling the sales teams and helping the company be profitable. “ Chantal stated.

Working in business operations involves working on how we can improve and work more efficiently. The team explores new ways of working and tools to determine what kind of support is needed for our organization.

“Within business operations, there are specific areas for which you can be responsible and may require specific knowledge and skills. For example, if you are part of the e-commerce team, you need to know about our partner connectivity options and their pro’s and con’s for Ingram Micro and the partner.

This knowledge is important to have, but at Ingram Micro you can always learn and grow into a role. Personally, I believe that having the willingness to learn is the most crucial skill to have, it will help you acquire all the other skills.

And being agile about learning new skills will only become more important as we continue our digital transformation program.”

Continuing our conversation with Chantal, she highlighted the involvement of her team in the launch of Xvantage in 2023. Ingram Micro Xvantage is a fully digital and intelligent, self-learning global experience platform—much like those we use daily to hire a driver, order groceries or find a place to stay.

“This achievement is the result of the collective efforts of numerous individuals within our team, as well as the broader support from the company. It's remarkable to see how people from both within the team and across the business have contributed to its success. We truly worked together as a team, approaching things with critical thinking, and keeping the customer perspective in mind. “

Our work environment is diverse, fast-paced, and constantly evolving. With the introduction of Xvantage and the ongoing digital transformation, there is a wealth of opportunities to learn and grow.

“Joining Ingram Micro, I have experienced firsthand the incredible diversity within the company. There are always new things to learn and many different teams to collaborate with.” 

At the end of our conversation Chantal shared with us: “Throughout my career, I have experienced significant changes in my job around every 2-3 years, including a complete shift in job titles. These changes have allowed me to approach the business from various perspectives, which I find extremely valuable, especially in the environment of Ingram Micro where no a day is the same.”

As a global leader in technology, working in partnership with thousands of experts, you’ll be part of the respected Ingram Micro international team delivering cutting-edge solutions worldwide.

With us, you’ll make technology happen in surprising ways. It’ll be a fun journey. Let’s shape tomorrow. 

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