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Just another day at a global organization

Sarah Owen Director Global Recurring Revenue Practices & Programs

une personne souriant à la caméra

As a global company, Ingram Micro touches so many regions and industries. Sometimes, the influence sticks with partners as they continue their careers in the channel. We chatted with Sarah Owen, Director at the Recuring Revenue organization, about how this impact ultimately led her to working at Ingram Micro.

Though Sarah has been at Ingram Micro for just four years, the company had already left a lasting impact long before she ever joined the team. “I knew that people were there for a long time, had great tenure,” said Sarah. “I knew the quality of the people because of the people I'd worked with previously in my partnership with them.” And, after Sarah relocated to Toronto from the U.K., working at Ingram Micro was an easy choice when the opportunity presented itself.

One thing that sticks out in Sarah’s mind is the focus and connection felt among associates. “The culture at Ingram Micro is focused. I find that it's clear that everybody seems to have an understanding of what their focus is and how that's going to affect that digital transformation journey or have an impact on it,” she noted. “And I think that also makes it easier for people to connect cross functionally, because we do know what that focus is.” Even Sarah herself has been positively affected by the culture at the company. “I think that Ingram Micro is a company that recognizes what I have [to offer],” shared Sarah. “I've described it to my boss as though I feel like I've had the wind in my sails since joining Ingram Micro and that's really what it feels like.”

This dedication to Ingram Micro does not go unnoticed by the company. Associates can enjoy benefits that truly look after their well-being. “Ingram Micro is that it is the adult in the room when it comes to employment, it has adult benefits for adult people who have adult lives. [Ingram Micro is] trying to set me up for life,” said Sarah. Individual managers also take a proactive approach in the well-being of their team. When Sarah joined, she shared that her manager worked to ensure she got to know the right people to jump start her career at the company.

Ingram Micro takes supporting all 25k of its global associates seriously. From fostering a collaborative culture to various employee resources, there’s no shortage of support for associates. Looking for a company where you can thrive and grow? Subscribe to our talent community to stay up to date on our latest job opportunities, company news and events.