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Being open to opportunity helped this college grad find a new career

Interview with Devon Meek, Sr Manager, Operations Ingram Micro, Mira Loma ALC

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Surrounding yourself with people who want to foster and support your growth coupled with drive can be a winning career combination. We caught up with Devon Meek, sr operations manager, at Ingram Micro’s Advanced Logistics Center (ALC) in Mira Loma, CA, and with a warm and passionate smile, Devon shared her Ingram Micro growth journey.  

Devon began her career at Ingram Micro in 2013 as a temporary employee as she was determining her career path after receiving her psychology degree from the University of California, San Diego. “I love my Ingram Micro story,” said Devon. “Straight out of college, I knew a guy that worked at the staffing agency here and he was like, I'll get you in maintenance.” Devon’s journey began working in the ‘RF Cage’ handing out RF devices and keys to warehouse associates. “I couldn’t believe how much I loved it,” shared Devon. “My manager started putting me on different projects. On one of the projects, I was able to uncover that we were being overcharged by a vendor. I was so excited that I was making a difference.” 

Once Devon accepted a full-time position at Ingram Micro, she was eager to grow and pursue other opportunities in operations. She said, “I applied for an open supervisor role. The hiring manager at the time asked me why he should give me the role since I had no leadership or operations experience. I replied, ‘because I want to learn.’”  

After that interview, Devon was moved into a program support role. Because of her eagerness to learn, engage with others and demonstrate her capabilities, she has been rewarded with opportunity and growth. “I've been in operations since then,” She stated. “I got promoted to supervisor, then manager and now I'm senior manager of this building.”  

When asked what Devon liked most about working at the ALC, her smile widened and she said, “It’s exciting. Every day is different and very fast paced. I love being out on the floor with the team. Everyone here loves coming to work because of the excitement of experiencing something new and because we genuinely care for each other.”  

One of her favorite activities is giving facility tours. “I know it might sound cheesy, but I love showing off our Mira Loma ALC to others,” She added. “We love celebrating holidays and associate birthdays. One of my favorite events was celebrating Mother’s Day. We had a Mariachi Band and associates sang and danced and really enjoyed the experience.”  

Devon is a great example of the magic that can happen when drive meets opportunity. Ingram Micro not only provides opportunities for growth but also opportunities to make meaningful connections in a culture that celebrates success and the people who create it.