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Growth & Learning at Ingram Micro

Marcin Klim, Warehouse & Logistics Manager, Operations Ingram Micro Lifecycle, Poland

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Meet Marcin Klim, Warehouse Manager, based in Poland, who has been with Ingram Micro for a little over two years and three months. In this relatively short span, he has experienced significant growth and has accomplished many things he is truly proud of.  

Ingram Micro places a strong emphasis on continuous learning and development. Reflecting on this, Marcin shares “One of the things I appreciate most about working at Ingram Micro is the emphasis on continuous learning and development. Over the past year, we’ve had numerous internal and external training sessions aimed at building our knowledge and enhancing our skills.”  

He further elaborates on the types of training provided “We’ve had language training sessions to improve our English skills which have been beneficial given our frequent calls with other teams and our need to communicate with suppliers and factories in China.” 

In addition to general training, Ingram Micro also provided specialized training tailored to specific roles “We’ve also had Lean Management training, which has been instrumental in helping us improve our processes. The training has equipped us with the tools to measure and optimize our processes, using methodologies such as the Five Whs. We’ve also had training on shipping dangerous goods, which has resulted in us receiving certification and the necessary documentation to ship items like batteries”.  

Leadership training sessions are also conducted at different levels within the organization “The HR department has also launched internal leadership training sessions. These sessions are designed for different levels within the organization, from managers to supervisors and team leaders. This has been a great initiative to develop our leadership skills and prepare us for future roles within the organization”. 

As the Warehouse and logistics manager, Marcin manages a team of around 36 people, including 4 leaders and specialists. They are responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the warehouse and logistics.  

Marcin has been instrumental in driving significant changes and improvements. He has been proactive in identifying and promoting talent within the warehouse, building a structure that allows for career progression from an operator to a leader, and then potentially to a supervisor. 

One of his most significant achievements has been improving performance and reducing backlog. He explains, “One of the biggest changes was improving the performance. So, we went down with the backlog. We built four stations for receiving, we built them in a line in the receiving area, which helped us to reduce the backlog.” He also worked on implementing the SAP system to a few processes.

My journey at Ingram Micro has been one of continuous growth and learning. I’m excited to see what the future holds.

Marcin Klim