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Celebrating 30 years at Ingram Micro: A journey of Learning and Growth

Verónica Alarcón Supervisor of Operations Ingram Micro, Chile

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On January 17th, Verónica Alarcón, Supervisor of Sales Operations, based in Chile, celebrated her 30th anniversary at Ingram Micro. When asked about this impressive milestone, she said “Many people ask me, ‘How?’ The truth is, I believe I’ve been very fortunate, particularly on a personal level, to have experienced many different areas within the organization”.  

Verónica’s journey began in imports, and moved on to marketing as a commercial assistant, working with the product area. She’s worked in customer service, and from 2012 to the present, she’s been in Backoffice, leading a team of 8 people who work with purchasing. “This has helped me to have different stimuli, to learn, and to know the organization at a general level in its process. I haven’t reached finance yet, but all these years have also made me know a little”, she shared. 

Verónica emphasized her love for learning and teaching, likening herself to a sponge. She also highlighted the company’s culture, saying “Ingram Micro is culture. Ingram Micro is what makes me happy to come to work every day. And I believe that during these 30 years it has remained”. 

After 30 years, Verónica is still learning and growing. She believes in seizing opportunities and emphasizes “30 years later, I’m still learning. It’s crucial to seize opportunities when they arise. Ingram Micro’s legacy ensures a place where growth is a way of life”.   

This story serves as an inspiration for many, demonstrating the value of continuous learning and growth in one’s career. Do you see yourself learning in a dynamic environment like Ingram Micro? Start your journey with Ingram Micro today. Explore our current job openings and find the role that’s right for you.