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Talent League- Unleashing Tomorrow’s Leaders Potential

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The people at Ingram Micro are the drivers of our success. We believe in the unlimited potential of our employees, and we consistently invest in their development – an investment that undoubtedly contributes to the company’s success in the long run.  

One of the development programs that we are especially proud of is our Talent League.  

The Talent League is a program designed to nurture the leadership skills of our high-potential employees and prepare them for future managerial roles. The program is exclusive and boasts a remarkable track record with seven successful editions (as of January 2024).  

The participants in the Talent League are high-potential individuals who are not only suited but also eager to develop themselves into leadership roles in the future. To join the program, they need to be nominated by their business leaders, and selection is subject to careful consideration.  

The Talent League program takes the participants on an 8-month journey of: 

  • Knowing themselves 
  • Knowing the people leader role at Ingram Micro GBS 
  • Leading others 
  • Leading the business 

The program starts with a leadership potential assessment which is followed by an individual session with each participant where they review and discuss their motivation for joining the Talent League, as well as their strengths and areas for improvement which they can work on during the program. The session is facilitated by the Talent Management & Organization Development team. 

Our participants then go through a mix of instructor-led sessions and individual assignments. Some of the topics covered during the program include leadership fundamentals and leadership styles, the role of the Supervisor at Ingram Micro GBS, conflict management, giving and receiving feedback, and customer service mindset.  

In 2024 we are also implementing a graduation project that our participants will present to our leadership team at their graduation. 

Collaboration and knowledge sharing are at the center of the program. This is why all the instructor-led sessions are conducted by our internal experienced leaders. The leaders themselves recognize this as a great opportunity to improve their presentation skills and to share practical knowledge and advice with the participants.  

The positive effect of having internal guest speakers and trainers in the face of our experienced leaders also ensures that the participants can very quickly apply what they are learning in their everyday lives at Ingram Micro. This is strongly supported by the fact that more than 50% of the participants in the Talent League get promoted during or within 3 months of completing the program.  

The program's proven success in the past 7 editions underscores its value and uniqueness, making it a sought-after opportunity for individuals dedicated to growth, excellence, and discovering new career opportunities. It provides a transformational experience designed to nurture the skills of our high-potential individuals and prepare them for future managerial roles. 

*The Talent League program is one of the 3 pillars of our Leadership Development framework. The other two pillars are: 

  • Our Foundations of Management program, which aims to ensure the smooth onboarding of newly hired people leaders 
  • Our Outstanding Leadership program, which aims to empower our experienced leaders for future success. 

Join us on the journey of empowerment and explore the endless possibilities ahead.