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A decade at Ingram Micro: A journey of growth and purpose.

Zaidi Kick, Finance Planning, Manager Ingram Micro, Mexico

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Ten years ago, a new member joined the Ingram Micro community. Her name is Zaidi Kick, a Finance Planning Manager based in Mexico. From the moment she stepped into the company, she was enveloped in a warmth and sense of belonging that has remained with her throughout her journey. 

Zaidi’s journey at Ingram Micro began as part of a vendor project, working with various pieces. What struck her most was the company’s unwavering commitment to the associates. The positive work environment, comprehensive benefits, and genuine care for each associate were the cornerstones that made her feel right at home. “At Ingram Micro, we’re not just employees, we’re associates a distinction that speaks for itself. It’s more than semantics; it’s a mindset. From my early days dealing with vendors to managing treasury operations, handling bank accounts, and supplier payments, I’ve grown alongside the company”, shares Zaidi. 

When it comes to career development, Zaidi noted a shift in expectations. People usually expected the company to come to them with development opportunities, but at Ingram Micro, a different approach has been promoted. “Associates are encouraged to evolve, reflect on their interests, and identify what motivates them to learn and grow. The company has always been open to career plans, creating a win-win situation”., Zaidi explains. “As an associate, you can sit down with your manager, or even your director, depending on who you report to, and express your desire to expand your skills. The company listens, and initiative is key. If you don’t take it, opportunities might pass you by. Today, associates have numerous options: from internal courses to mentoring programs. LinkedIn learning is also a valuable tool”, Zaidi adds. 

Zaidi shared, “I don’t like routine. Within Ingram Micro, I feel like every day is a different one. You know which tasks you need to deliver, but after 10 years, I can say that there’s always something new to learn. You can join different meetings, with different teams, and know what they’re working on, asking them if you can help”.

As we embark on this journey together, let’s foster a culture that encourages curiosity, meaningful connections, and the courage to embrace change.