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From intern to Manager of Business Intelligence (BI)

Brian Belmonte Manager BI (Data Analytics) Ingram Micro, Mexico

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At Ingram Micro, reality speaks louder than words. Our commitment to supporting our associates extends beyond the professional sphere.  

Today, we share the journey of Brian Belmonte from Mexico, who began his career at Ingram Micro as an intern 8 years ago.

Ingram Micro has significantly supported me in many aspects, not just professionally but also personally.

Brian’s journey at Ingram Micro started with a series of diverse courses, each designed to enhance and expand horizons. Through these courses, Brian not only participated but also experienced personal growth. “Ingram Micro fosters an environment of continuous learning and development. From understanding my leadership style to engaging in impactful one-on-one sessions with my manager, I’ve witnessed first-hand the company’s commitment to growth”.  

Effective communication is at the heart of Ingram Micro’s success. The organization’s unwavering empathy ensures that each associate’s voice is heard, and goals are aligned. “Whether it’s charting a data-driven path or exploring growth opportunities, I’m always on the same page as my managers who support me in driving my development”. 

When Brian pursued his master's degree, financial support was crucial. Ingram Micro’s program in Mexico allowed him to advance his education by assisting with tuition fees. “The savings fund became my ally, ensuring that my academic goals became a reality”. 

At Ingram Micro, culture is one of constant evolution and embracing change. “When we began with the Xvantage initiative, I felt like a fish in water. Every day, I step into the office knowing that what I did yesterday won’t necessarily be the same today. We’re immersed in a culture that revolves around our clients –their needs, their aspirations. It’s not just about adapting; it’s about thriving.” 

The digital transformation has woven magic into the work at Ingram Micro. What seemed like fantasy is now an everyday reality for Brian and his colleagues. “The digital transformation has woven magic into our work. What seemed like fantasy is now our everyday reality”. 

Join us at Ingram Micro, where we value growth, opportunity, and the power of our people.