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Work-life integration

Parasuraman, Radha - Senior QA Analyst based in India

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At Ingram Micro, we encourage our team to aim high-whilst providing the support, training, flexibility and opportunities to help you reach your career targets. Our culture of flexibility and our hybrid working policy allows us to balance both work and life. Gain insights about the journey of Radha Parasuraman, our Senior QA Analyst based in India, as she shares her views into life and careers at Ingram Micro.  

As Radha shared with us, “I believe it's a perfect balance that Ingram Micro is providing us because that personal connect at the office is a big takeaway. You tend to pitch in for each other when you're bonding with your colleagues when working from the office something that creates a good atmosphere. And the other thing is not only that you get to learn from each other, but it also creates team spirit. Also, it allows the juniors to get inspiration from the seniors. Like I said, there was a lot of observing that I did because of which I learned that my path at Ingram Micro is not going to get restricted. If I wanted to have my wings, I had my wings, I could spread it and that encouragement comes only when you are at the office. If we were just operating from remote and more virtual, you would never have the exposure and confidence, support to do that.” 

At Ingram Micro we put you first and we want every employee to go happy back home every day and that can happen when you enjoy the challenges in the job and derive a satisfaction out of what you contribute also being recognized for it. 

Continuing our conversation Radha highlighted "In terms of being unique as a company, I do realize the unique way we operate where across the globe we have people reporting and learning, pitching in to support business along the sun. Someone in UK is reporting to someone in India, Someone in Manila is supporting for US and the way we are aligned across the organisation. That is another big takeaway because today you can approach anybody across the globe and seek help. So, it makes sense to also work remotely. You can ask to anybody for help even if not in the same time zone. Within the team it's not about geographies, it's not about zones, it's not about language. I'm talking to you for the first time. It doesn't feel that way. You're a colleague. And I do see the other things that I see as a good cultural takeaway within our organization because we are a tech company that attracts young high energy rightly positioned with the advantage of whats coming in the industry as that is also the business product.” 

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