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A decade with Ingram Micro

Elaine Urena Manager, Customer Support Ingram Micro Miami (US)

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In May, Elaine celebrated a significant milestone, a decade with the company. “I started as an intern here in Miami,” the associate recalls. “I began working on process improvements in the operations area, documenting sales and purchasing processes for the commercial team”.  

After a six-month project, the associate transitioned into a full-time position as an Operations Analyst “I applied for the position and started working in the Business Operations Department. After about two years, I had the opportunity to work on a special project in purchasing for one of the largest clients in reverse logistics. I learned a lot about operations there, and I had the opportunity to interact and learn from different teams”. 

Elaine’s journey didn’t stop there. “I took training with associates from the USA, Colombia, Argentina, and Costa Rica”. After this extensive experience in purchasing, she moved into a Business Analyst role, a position that aligned well with her interest in data analysis and her ongoing studies. 

“When I finished my degree, I wanted to go back to university to study a master’s degree” Elaine shares. This decision proved beneficial for her position in Miami, where they led projects for the entire division “Among those projects was the implementation of a Lean Improvement Initiative for the office and the warehouse, seeking operational excellence”.  

After returning to the role of Operations Analyst, she was focused on projects and improvements in logistics for Miami “I applied for a role as supervisor of the operations area. With the experience I brought from the company, I was able to start leading a Customer Support team in Miami”. After two years as a supervisor, Elaine was promoted to the position of Manager. “As a Manager of Customer Support, I am also taking over another group that is the order

processing for some Advanced Solutions vendors. Leading the team in order processing, I now manage a more diverse, larger team, always focused on operational excellence”. 

Elaine’s growth within Ingram Micro has been significant. “I always like to learn and get involved in all projects. I look for efficiency in everything that is done. I think that growth has gone hand in hand with it, it’s not always about changing positions, but expanding within the role and learning new skills.”  

Out of the office, Elaine is often busy on weekends with retreats or family gatherings, where she volunteers. “This is something that Ingram Micro also promotes. We have two groups that organize philanthropic activities. This connects a lot with what I am used to doing, whether it is working with young people or visiting children, the elderly, whatever it may be.” 

Throughout the year, different activities associates in Miami can do as volunteers of the Campys Reimagined initiatives. There are three pillars. The first is ‘onboarding,’ which takes care of new associates and ensures that they have the best experience when joining the company. “I lead the onboarding pillar with another colleague. All the group of associates are volunteers that take their time to help the newcomers welcoming them and helping them understand the organization.” 

The second pillar is ‘Philanthropy’ which leads all philanthropic events such as collecting toys for needy children for Christmas. “Near Thanksgiving, we also bring bags with food and blankets to the homeless.” 

The third group is called ‘Work-Life Balance’ which is dedicated to creating events for associates to help us grow in different areas such as health, finance, and how to balance our personal and work time. “When there is a celebration, for example, Valentine’s Day, they bring sweets and prepare a special breakfast. This team brings the ideas, organizes the events, and seeks support to do it.” 

The journey of Elaine is a testament to the power of continuous learning, adaptability, and commitment to making a difference. From starting as an intern to becoming a Manager of Customer Support, the associate’s decade-long journey is marked by growth, learning, and a deep sense of purpose.