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Paving the way for each associate to succeed

Selena Padilla, OPS Coordinator Ingram Micro | Mira Loma, CA

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Taking on new skills or projects can be intimidating. But for Selena Padilla, an Ops coordinator from Mira Loma, growth was a given when management rallied behind its team. She shares her story of how becoming an Ingram Micro advocate was a given considering her amazing experiences with the company.

Selena started her career at Ingram Micro five years ago as a contractor. She focused her efforts on staying productive and learning as much as she could. Before long, she was hired on full-time and joined the team in Mira Loma, California. “I was originally a picker when I was with the agency and I just tried to stay productive as much as possible,” shared Selena. “I actually was hired on through my productivity. I was in the receiving department, and I did fairly well. When that department closed, I [was] moved over here to Mira Loma.”

At the Mira Loma location, Selena’s perceptive skills allowed her to consistently contribute and even got her noticed for additional opportunities. “I retain information fairly well, so that helps a lot because it makes my job easier. It makes everything easier for me, and that's just how I started to grow in the company,” she noted. From there, her manager encouraged her to take on more leadership opportunities. Ingram Micro also provided valuable information and feedback to ensure the interview for her current role was successful. The company’s collaborative and supportive culture means associates are not only presented with opportunities, they are also provided with the support to succeed at those opportunities.

Moreover, Ingram Micro values input and innovation from all its employees. When asked about whether or not Ingram Micro encourages innovation from employees, Selena responded, “Yes, 100%. We hold Kaizen events, which is a process improvement program and it's voluntary. It's not just leadership volunteering. It could be anybody. I think that's an awesome opportunity for employees who want to know about something else and to help improve that project.”

Overall, the community and people at Ingram Micro’s Mira Loma location are what make every day enjoyable for Selena. “The culture,” she noted. “I like it to be honest. [Management does] little icebreakers where they can just be themselves and they'll tell little jokes. It makes you feel really comfortable because it's not like I have to be [a different] person in front of them.” The Mira Loma location is also constantly buzzing with activities and celebrations. Associates enjoy holiday festivities and luncheons. A favorite of most are the summer activities where associates can have fun together and even dunk a manager or two.

Selena’s story is a great example of how Ingram Micro uplifts its associates and recognizes their unique strengths. From contactor to advocate, Selen’s career growth was directly impacted by the company. Looking for a company that will uplift you? Subscribe to our talent community to stay up to date on our latest job opportunities, company news and events.